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July 30, 2007


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Ooooh, she's a BEAUTY! And wow -- you're FAST -- I don't think I could even get your fabric here THAT fast! I want one. Must go off searching again. Actually, this reminds me that I still need to search for that carpetbag pattern as I never received a reply from them. I have a little trip in a few weeks to a quilt shop that I KNOW carries your fabrics, so perhaps I'll see it there. XOXO.


Hello, It's your old friend from Nashville.
Found a great picture of you reasearching some fabric designs. Just wanted to say I love your blog. What a nice place to come to during my day.
Love, love your writing....same ole' H2.
Sucha funny lady.....Sucha a special lady.
Love to hear from you....lots of things have changed.
Look me up, we are in the book.
Seems as though you are well, hope so.....

Holly Holderman

I have thought of you fondly and often...my how time flies.
But why no return email address? Are you writing from the prison library or something? pls provide me w/ some sort of info, K?
keep it between the ditches darlin'



How adorable is this!!! LOVE IT!


This backpack is SO BEAUTIFUL! I fell in love with the La Belle Rose Collection of fabric at first site!!!! Just KNEW I was going to have a blast sewing in the garden with this collection...no sunblock or weeding required:)
OH! and in regards to Thimbleanna's post, the Quilter's Carpet Bag pattern is in stock and available online at Homespun Hearth. Here's the link to copy and paste into your browser:
In addition, they also carry the kits using Holly's La Belle Rose Fabric featured on the pattern cover!!!! Here's the link to copy and paste into your browser :)
ENJOY and have a great day!

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