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September 22, 2007


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Can't wait to see what Anne is up to. And seriously, I NEED SOME FRANGO MINTS. And I'm not kidding around.


I've always loved the pattern you used in your study Holly -- easy peasy and just right to show our favorite fabrics. It's perfect for YOUR fabrics and pretty, pretty colors.


I agree. . . I love the simpler quilts as they give me a sense of nostalgia. . . That is why I love quilts so much, & your design with all those yummy fabrics. . . is one that I want to make for my bed!!! (If you could see the condition of the quilt on it now. . . you would understand. . . !) Really - I'm loving it!
Yum. . . yum. . . yum!


I love that quilt. What pretty colors. Thanks for sharing with us.


Haven't even thought of frango mints in years! Now I can't think about anything else. Thanks, Holly!


one more, "All Squared UP!" :-)

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I couldn't agree with you more. Good post.

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