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September 13, 2007


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My kind of recipe!! 4 ingredients including the pie crust, now if only I had time to purchase all four ingredients......I will have to work on that, thanks Elizabeth.


Ahhh I love that little scrap of cherry around the kitty's neck. I'd love a hunk or two of that!


Love your blog, this is such a wonderful idea - your kitty is a cutie and quite the
look she has going on.


WooHoo! It's here. And Kammie's all dressed for the occasion. What a cutie!


Kammie looks like she's all ready for some pie Herself! (Or would she be hoping for some cherry pie??!)
xo, Bren


Love the kitty. I'm such a cat lover! I love the food hurrah!
P.S. Linked to you from One More Moore


Hey we have a Kammie to, but we spell it Cami and she's a mini dauchsand. I'm loving this fun dessert/quilting thing you have starting today. Great idea.



how do i find the fabric of cupcakes that i got a couple years ago i have pic on my facebook page help!

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how do i find the fabric of cupcakes that i got a couple years ago i have pic on my facebook page help!

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