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November 19, 2007


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Do you think you can get arrested for stalking your local Barnes & Noble????




I'm on it!! I like a challenge!

Tanya Whelan

Ahhh! Can't wait to see it. Thanks so much for including me Holly.


Glad to know there's an official delay...we've been looking everywhere...I was starting to think there's a conspiracy and I've misplaced my tinfoil hat.

Penny Sturges

I would have been disappointed by any other response!

May Britt

Then it's a pity we in norway won't get this magazine for loooooooooong time after it is out in usa LOL


I sought, I found, and I bought the magazine...but I just don't know how to send you a picture. SO...I posted my shot on my blog as the first picture in today's post. Hope I win...yippeee!


Have the magazine from Barnes and Noble but not smart enough to put a picture on. Love your fabric! Janet

Studio Christine

will post a picture when the magazine gets to Australia.

We seem to be at least a month behind the US.....

Jackie Clark

I love everyone's BLOGS. I am not so happy with my layout. Do I need to hire a professional? Like Miss Pam Kitty she has it so going on. And Late Bloomer I so enjoy looking at all of you guy's Blogs. I think if I get the McCalls Magazine I will get some good info. I will be looking tomorrow. I'm so glad other people have trouble taking there own pictures and putting them up. Jackie

Linda Thompson

Hi Holly

Are you supplying any of your new fabrics to Australia?

Apologies for using your blog this way, I don't know how else to find out!

sydne sannito

Is there a pattern to go along with your alphabet fabric

sydne sannito

Is there a pattern to go along with your alphabet fabric

sydne sannito

Is there a pattern to go along with your alphabet fabric

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