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January 13, 2008


Sherry H.

Sounds yummy - I'll have to try it. I love Garrett's popcorn in Chicago. I love the half cheese/half caramel. Sounds weird, I know, but it's worth standing in the line that winds out the door and down the street, no matter what time of year.


You've been busy !


yum!thank you for the recipe! your mom does not look 86.


yum!thank you for the recipe! your mom does not look 86.


Oooh yum! Thanks for the recipe -- it looks great. Someone gave me something similar to this for Christmas but it had raisins in it. Sure glad your recipe didn't have recipes in it! ;-)


The recipe sounds really good!! I'll have to try it. What is the name of the place where you ate? It sounds like it might be one of the places my mom has taken me to when we visit with them in AZ.


You had me until the part that says I have to divvy it up into tins for OTHER PEOPLE.
Will the recipe still work if I don't wanna share?


Sounds fabulous! I love sweet and salty! I'm gonna try this one. Your mom is such a cutie!


Love your mom Holly, she's darling.Look forward to trying the recipe.

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