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February 08, 2008



Hi there,
came from the Jolly Jabber blog. How about Naming both the quilts 'Forever in Bloom' available in pink or blue. I really do love the 'Cherry Baby' fabrics. I am a first time visitor but unfortunately am not in the top three due to being in Australia and probably sleeping when you posted on the Jolly Jabber blog.......lol


No suggestion for a name - but those fabrics and the quilts are beautiful!


I found your blog about a week ago from the link on the Fat Quarter Shop. I enjoy checking in on you!

Suggestions for the quilt names:

Six Steps to the Lake
Blooming Chains of Friendship
Simply Blooming
Beds of Blooms
Totally Blue/Totally Pink
Light and Breezy

Bonita Bates

This is 1st time for me to comment. I love both fabrics. Only name that comes to mine would be for the blue and that would be "Hydrangea Skies" after the beautiful skies of Florida.



Nice pattern. Here are my ideas:

Emma's Garden
Flower Garden
Garden Path
Hopscotch Garden


Carol L.

Hi Holly. Love these fabrics! The Hydrangeas remind me of when we were on vacation on the East Coast. My name suggestion is Cottage Garden.

Lisa Leimone

Ok, I'm going to give this another try! How about.....

"Bloomer's on the Line!"
"Garden Poetry!"



Love the new quilt design. My suggestion for a name is "Hydrangea Harmony"

Faye Sather

How about: "Muirfield"-for the blue, and "Cordial" for the pink



How about Royal Blues and Pink Sensations?



More ideas came to me in the night...
Lake Blossoms
Blooms by the Lake
Simply Delightful


I Love the colorways, love hydrangeas - how about Irish Bouquet?

Linda Nelson

I love the hydrangeas. My grandmas house was surrounded by them. They were her favorites and mine too. Whenever I see them I remember all the good times and her cutting some to take to my grandpa's grave every Sunday. I miss her very much. I place hydrangeas on my grandma and dad's grave every holiday -- it gives me so much comfort. I would love to have the quilt named Leona for my grandma. Hydrangeas just remind me of olden times and old ladies in flowered dresses. Thanks

Linda Nelson

I just posted a comment about naming the quilt Leona. How about Leona's Garden.

Mary Anne Drury

Oohhh! such pretty fabrics/colors ! I LOVE hydrangeas !! Let's see.... a quilt name .... how about :

Picket Fence
Secret Garden
Cottage Garden
Morning Blooms


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers - beautiful on your fabrics! For a name, I would suggest "Garden Steps" or "Hydrangea Heaven."


Love the new hydrangeas! As far as a name for the quilt, how about "Irish Chains and Flowers". This name would work for lots of other floral fabrics also. Or, you can keep it real simple and call the pattern "Hydrangea Corsages".


Oh those quilts make me happy! They give off a nice warm feeling even in the dead of winter, and hope, for spring. I'd call them Lakeside Blooms.


For the blue design my suggestion is:

"Brimming with Blue Blossoms" or
"Beautiful Blue Blossoms"

(Sorry I commented under Emma's picture the other day by mistake)

Anna ---Flowergardengirl

Heirloom Blue Memories
Heirloom Pink Memories

I love them both. I can't wait to do this quilt. Thank you. I'm so glad to have found you since I'm just starting my new house and needed this inspiration.


You're hysterical Holly! Making out on a Young Life bus??? I'm shocked LOL! Love the hydrangeas!


These quilts are cute! Here's my name dropping for the quilts. "Diamonds and Cut Flowers", or "Flower Arrangements" Your new lines are looking good! Keep them coming!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

This is a traditional Irish Chain design--so how about "Chain Link Blue" and "Chain Link Pink." And both quilts are gorgeous.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

This is a traditional Irish Chain design--so how about "Chain Link Blue" and "Chain Link Pink." And both quilts are gorgeous.

Lisa Leimone

You know the more I look at these beautiful quilt designs I catch my breath!! How about calling it....

"Be Still My Heart"


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