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May 01, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

The quilt is gorgeous. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The quilt is gorgeous. Hope you're all feeling better soon.


That flu is a bad one, I feel for you and for Paton as well, I had some nasty bronchitis and the antibiotics were intense. Hopefully it will pass soon and you'll be back on the mend. See you in Portland.

Lynne in Hawaii

You take care and try to get well quick! Get your sweetie on the mend as well. Your faithful will patiently wait your return anxious for all the great new pictures. Love the quilt on the long arm.

Judy Heinen

I simply love the quilt! Will you be marketing a pattern for it? I have searched the internet looking for the black and pink panels you used, but have not found them. Could you tell me where to order them and also I would love to use the same fabrics you have used in this quilt. Is there a place I could order those? Again, it is simply stunning! Thanks for your help.

Penny Sturges

Wow the quilt looks great! Glad you eeked out time to blog, and thankful I had a spare minute to read it! I am looking forward to market so we can rest!


Well there you are! So sorry to hear you've STILL been sick. Just the other night, one of my quilty peeps was asking where you've been (I think we were worried about missing your blog posts!) Can't wait to see pics from the Portland booth -- you always have the best booth pics on the planet. Good Luck in Portland!


I'm so sorry that you and Payton have been sick. To get the flu once is awful, to get it twice and one of you to get pneumonia is terrible! I'm glad you're feeling better.

I would be like you, attached to my fabric lines. I love your fabrics. I just saw Tammy Tadd in Paducah and Cherry Baby is gorgeous.

Have a fun time in Portland. Like everyone else who commented, I have missed you and I look forward to pictures of Spring Market.


Your back!! Sure have missed you!Happy your better and hope market was fun, can't wait for you to share with us!


Heidi Kaisand

I hope your feeling better and rested up from Market. I can't believe I didn't run into you...then again, the way the floor was laid out I'm not surprised!

Ivory Spring

What a beautiful quilt op - you did very well with the color choices!

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