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November 12, 2008


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Holly, I also drool over her booth every time I see it. She has such terrific things, I just want to buy everything, but have to use some sort of restraint. It is very difficult!


how cute!!!


While I admit Ric and Rac are really cute, my heart melts for Kitty!!! Thanks for the update, I enjoy reading your blog!! xo

Busy Little Quilter

Her booth is beautiful in your photos; I can't imagine how pretty it is in person. Thanks for sharing.

I love everything she has!



we also bought heaps of these buttons in Houston. They are sooo yummy. I have posted a picture of the quilt I made with your wonderful fabrics which Tim from Cursons in Australia gave me. It was on their booth in Melbourne on the weekend. It is on my own blog www.rosaliequinlandesigns.typepad.com I hope you like it. I love the fabrics so much! beautiful!

Auntie Pami

Hi Holly,

I went to Target and couldn't find any puppies. Maybe Santa will bring me one (that barks!) love your little Westie. Hope she is fine.

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