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January 05, 2009


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Thanks, Holly, for the links to the patterns. I like the things you do!


Thanks so much! Love the patterns!


Beautiful patterns. Happy New Year to you too.


Nadine Woodraska

Love, Love, the new fabric! I carried a bolt around the shop and kept telling everyone about it! (they loved it too!)
Great Job!!

Amy Hoskins

Thanks for the patterns....always love a little inspiration to try something new!

Trudy Lindemann

I love your fabrics and patterns! The Tea Time line is probably my absolute favorite! The colors are soft and yet cheery!


Maria Lisa Zook

The new fabric line is so homey and makes me think of quilts meant for cuddling up in.
I will be looking for it at my quilt shop.

Margaret Parks

I love your fabrics and adore the 12 bears photo as well as the vintage thread advertisement at the top of the blog site. I love all things vintage. Looks like you do too.
maggie in cold snowy Maine


Thank you so very much for the wonderful new patterns. I love the new collection of fabrics too. Now comes the problem, I'll have to order the 'Tea Time' collection, that is the easy part, but...how do I decide which pattern to start working on first?

Amy Hoskins

Thanks for the free patterns! Now the question is....which one to choose first?

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