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August 12, 2009


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It's good to have you post again. I, for one, have been waiting since I always enjoy your stories. Thanks for the sneak peak of the quilt and your new line of fabric. And the great idea about the lanterns.

I hope we hear from you again before too long.


The quilt is lovely, Cheryl does nice work and her machine quilting is wonderful.

But wonderful, those Tavern on the GReen shots are great.


I love your quilt! Can't wait to get my magazine.


Fantastic sneak peek! Looking forward to seeing the magazine. Love the shots of Central Park.


That quilt is really pretty...love the teacups and the way they are set amongst the stars! Great idea on those lanterns! How pretty they would look in hydrangeas!


So good to see you blogging again Holly! I love the new quilt -- and boy, does the quilting ever deceive the eye -- those star points look rounded!

tammy tadd

Glad to have you back Holly!

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