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May 22, 2012



Glad you are feeling better. Love the picture. Love the post. Thanks for the mention. Making the Berry Fun Row By Row quilt from Pam's Lakehouse line was one of my fav quilts ever. Thanks for using it the booth. I'm going to download my new PKM sheet now.


it great to see things from market..............hope your taking care of yourself.........

Mary C in WA

Yes, I've been singing that song all month as I met new friends at a Quilt show and Shop Hop in Idaho. Here's to no more FLU or Moving for you.


Yummy fabrics. Adorable booth. I hope you are feeling much better.

Susan Guzman

Holly, it's refreshing to hear that I'm in good company (my husband and I have had several state-to-state moves over the past several years). Sadly, I was unable to make it to Spring Market this year (another move for us). Your booth is always one I enjoy stopping by for a good eye-full of delight! I enjoyed the photos. Feel better, soon.

Kristie Long

The booth was beautiful and Pam and Frankie were absolutely delightful to spend time with! So glad we were "neighbors"!
Hope to meet you next time!

Sandy McClay

Hi, I don't quilt but LOVE all of Pam's fabrics.....I went to download the PDF of Pam Kitty Love and it won't do it, is it me or you??? LOL LOVE your blog! Sandy

Holly Holderman

we are trying to fix the pdf...sorry


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Guter Artikel. Ich glaube, Sie können mehr und bessere Artikel zu schreiben. Nehmen Sie es einfach für sich.


Creating the Fruit Fun Row By Row cover from Pam's Lakehouse range was one of my fav blankets ever. Thanks for using it the sales space I've been performing that music all 30 days as I met new buddies at a Quilt display and Store Hop in California.

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