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June 02, 2012


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Margaret Foster

I love blue, reminds me of my Mother as a child. She only wore blue and smelled of gardenas. I hope I win the wonderful offer. Thanks so much! Margaret

Verna Iraggi

I love teals and blues, all colors of lakes and ponds and the point where they meet the ski. All the colors mixed are absolutely beautiful. I would love to win one of your gifts.

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Adriana Iparraguirre

I love the Penelope style.
I would love to win.

Irmi Lake

Blue is my favorite color. It reminds me of the ocean and the sky. I can remember as a child we had a set of dishes that were blue. I love reading your blog and hope I have a chance at winning.

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Nice Lire, je parlais à un ami la semaine dernière sur le même sujet et lui a donné cette url à visiter.

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Hi, I don't quilt but LOVE all of Pam's fabrics.....I went to download the PDF of Pam Kitty Love and it won't do it, is it me or you??? LOL LOVE your blog! Sandy

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