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December 14, 2008


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WOW!! You have made it incredibly easy to see different views of your fabric lines.....and made us want all of them. I wish I had a quilt quilt room looks kind of LIKE one! Thanks for all of the beautiful fabric. Please keep designing. Laurie

I own a quilt shop. I like to stock Lakehouse Fabrics, but it's always difficult for me to navigate your website. I never see the fabrics I'm looking for, you don't make it easy to search for current and older fabrics. It almost seems like your website is trying to be cool and slick, and not helpful to those of us trying to purchase your fabrics. I'm going to stick with other fabric manufacturers.

how do I purchase fabric from you?

You offered the Step Lively pattern for Free in the Tea Time florals. I saw a picture of Step Lively in Cherry Baby. Do you have a pattern for that color way.

My shop has a large inventory of your fabric. We are always looking for ways to sell more. Love it!!

How do I get to view your fabrics online. I am especially interested in yellow,hot pink and orange dot! Thanks

Where are the cutting instructions? All I can find are the fabric requirements. thanks

Yes, please include the cutting instructions. Your fabrics are beautiful and I am ready to purchase them but more info is needed with the FREE patterns......very frustrating!

You're site really needs improvement. We found it very hard to find a special collection without looking searching the fabrics until we found one we could reconize.

I am tired of phoning around to local quilt shops to see if any carry particular lines, and, as I work the night shift and sleep during the day, I don't have much time for sewing, let alone hunting for fabric. Please - is there an easier way to locate your beautiful fabrics? I live in Minneapolis, MN. Thank you!

i want to know adout readymade

i want to keep readymade shop,from were

I want to know about the rooster quilt in the background of the Bearly There photo. Is the pattern available?

Hi Holly!

We love your fabrics...but we too are finding it difficult to obtain more of certain prints, especially with the Hydrangea collections and Cherry Baby. Someone at our local supplier (E.E. Schenk) told us that some of the fabrics in these collections are already being discontinued. I also have found it difficult to find a way to contact you...other than commenting on a blog. It would also be helpful if your collections had Moda. We have a website and when loading Lakehouse...we never know what to call the collection!

I love the whole hydrangea line of fabrics and where I can buy through you?

I want to purchase LH05016 "Dot Z" in lime green with purple/violet/green/yellow/aqua dots. I can't find it in the shops or at your web site. Has it been discontinued? I live in Billings, MT and found a 1/2 yard piece at the Great American Quilt Shop in Denver. HELP!!

Connie M.

I would like to purchase 1 yd each of
LH06033 - Peri and
LH 07008 - celery. How do I go about doing this?

I live in England - can anyone tell me how I can get Lakehouse fabrics here. The only shop is 3 or more hours drive away I live in the S.West. Can I buy on line or direct. Any comments greatly appreciated.

I would like to know where I could find lh03034 black

I have the pattern Simple Day at the Lake with your fabrics. Can I get the fabrics from you or do you have a kit? I like the pastels.

How do I get the Dolly Dress Pattern,r panels or whatever? ErmaMae

Do you have a list of shops and locations that carry your fabrics and patterns?

I would like to purchase the alphabet fabric. Had a hard time navigating your website.

i am interested in fabric LH04033 Ticking Stripe Where can I purchase it. I am in Houston,Tx.Thanks

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Where can I buy Lakehouse patterns ? I am especially interested in the Teacup tablerunner.

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