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June 25, 2007


jJJennifer Paganelli

you knock my socks off thanks for coming by ....so glad I stopped look at your amazing booth and i thought I had energy yu make me look like an old lady...love ya sweet pea...


Love the view from your window!


What a sweet kitty -- and very lucky to have been rescued by some apparently very wonderful people! ;-)


I have the feeling the winning of the lottery was mutual for both you and Queen Vic!

I love seeing all of your booth set ups. I've been in love with Lakehouse fabrics for awhile now -- gotta love the bright colors and the fun you can have with them. As a matter of fact, I just finished a project made from last year's DayZ line (mostly).


THAT's the view from your window???
Good grief. I'm just gonna go shut my blinds now.
Those animal names make total sense now. You've seen pics of Turbo--the hair that stands up along his back is referred to as his "spoiler" by his dad--the car guy.

Cottage Magpie

I love that you adopted an adult cat--very cool. And I am so jealous of your studio view that I might have to go sulk. :-) Kitty looks so happy, it's lovely. ~A :-)

Cottage Magpie

Ack--I meant Dixie aka Vickie! ~A :-)


Beautiful kitty! I"m glad you both found each other...


The photo of your kitty is to die-for gorgeous! If I had a view like that from my window, I'd never leave home!
I also LOVE the booth photos - once again, they inspire me to sew....I do, however, miss the "Seat Salt" - LOL!
I promise - I'm done teasing!

Holly Holderman

just so you know, I thought that the Seat Salt thing was so funny that I left it in to see if anyone else would comment!

proofing for typos on the patterns we write, etc is pretty much the worst part about my job here at LHDG !

people who know me, know that I am a detail freak, and yet I just don't have the level of concentration and focus that I did in my twenties. when I was the company wise-ass who proofed my superior's memos and meeting notes and sent it back to them...

of course now that I am my former bosses age, I need that young
whippersnapper to do this for me...! I am praying that I can find this person to help out.


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