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June 15, 2007



Holly, thank you for adding Aliya's picture, she will be thrilled to see herself.
She loves this quilt very much. I promised to her to buy toy sewing machine for her 7th birthday.
Maybe we have future quilter here, unlike her mom. HHH. Thanks again.


And I know just the sewing machine for her...Elizapam & HZ you three know which one, right?



Everyone needs a Hello Kitty sewing machine.

Seeing all those yummy bright quilts makes me want to rush out for a tropical fruit smoothie. Again with the food, Holly!


Oh Thank You, Thank You! I just love these booth posts -- they're like Inspiration on steroids! You must have the best job ever -- so cool to design all these fabulous booths. Aliya is adorable and her quilt is fabulous!


I love how so many quilts use the same fabric yet all are so different. Very inspirational.


Oh. . . that sweet face & the wonderful drawing. . . that's all the reward a quilter needs & what making quilts is all about!
xo. - Bren


What girl(big or little) wouldn't want a quilt like that? I agree with your assessment of "eye candy" - it definitely is for me! That's not fattening either, is it? It's nice to know something I love isn't! Thank you again for the beautiful pics!


Holly - Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am truly beginning to enjoy this bloggy world - I am meeting the most wonderful people - you are included in that!
I'm glad you enjoyed the weiners - I'm rather partial to them myself!
We definitely should have a HUGE picnic just to meet our "bloggy" friends!

happy zombie

Everyone needs a Mimi and Sophie!!!!!

Ok... this booth is just screaming HZ!


Wow, your booths look amazing. Fun to see how your fabric collections totally change the look and feeling of your booth each time. I loved your daisy collection--I made several sets with those prints-the color palette was so happy and fresh!

What a beautiful quilt too. My dd would love it.


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