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June 05, 2007



Holly your little quilt kits are adorable. I agree with you that presentation is key. These would make great gifts. I'm also really liking the Paris store front display. That hand looks like it's just a spray-painted hand model that they sell in art supply stores. Hmmm, I wonder how it would look on the wall of the studio?


We spend a lot of time thinking about presentation at the shop I work at. Love the cute boxes.


Um...not really fair. Now I SO want to make the quilt...and the bag...and just own the kits in those wonderful boxes. This blog of yours is gonna end up sucking up a LOT of my time.

Bunny Tales

Your blog is like going into a candy store all by itself! What a treat! And what can I say about your writing style without dripping with every sweet word in the dictionary? Such a great job. Doesn't surprise me!


I learned all about presentation from Martha... I swear, she could package an old flip flop in just a way that would make everyone say "Must have that old flip flop" don't ya think...
love your blog - it is very fun to read!


thanks girls for all of your positive input...this blogging thing is so much fun.

being alone in the studio for a good part of my week can be very isolating, so it's really fun to get to know everyone through this big girls' version of show and tell.



These kits are great Holly, and so different(I tend to gravitate towards things that are new and different when I go into a quilt shop to buy fabric). Thanks again.

Cottage Magpie

What a great idea. I totally agree with presentation. I spend way too much time on it myself. It's half the impact, I swear. I used to drive by creative staff nuts with that. But even when people don't consciously notice it, they notice it, you know what I mean? Love it! ~A :-)


Awesome fabrics.....!

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