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July 16, 2007



Mmm Emil Villas? We have one in town. Maybe its time for pie!


ummm, yummy!!!! I just made strawberry crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream to go with!


I've been perusing your blog - what lucious pictures you have! And LOVE those quilts made with the flower fabric. How clever and creative people are. And I want to live in Jennifer's house. I wonder if she'll have me.

That strawberry pie looks wonderful, too.


Yummy strawberry goodness - thank you for sharing the recipe!


Bob's Big Boy. Oh man. Their pies were amazing. And their shakes. Oh, and a Slim Jim. Yum. Ok, this tells me something that the things I remember very vividly about my childhood involve food as well. Mount Prospect -- don't suppose you have a fond rememberance of Faygo as well?

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