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August 06, 2007



I love the stone on the side of the lake house. . . ! Beautiful! (But I would have to pass on climbing up that ladder to the chimney/ scaffolding. . . yikes!
I'm sure all this work will be worth it & some day this will be a distant memory. . . . someday. . . (!)


Love the way all the stone looks. You couldn't pay me to climb up that scaffolding tho...and FIVE chimneys? Good grief, Holly. How does Santa know which one to pick?

Holly Holderman


Remember this is Paton's house. He bought it before I had enough influence in his life to save him from himself. What a single guy needs with a house that has five fireplaces, I will never know.

Oh, and Santa didn't come last year because the chimney's weren't fixed. I do have high hopes for this year though.

Santa, if you're reading this, please remember that I'm allergic to wool...


Tanya Whelan

Holly mozolly Holly, I love your house (I love historic architecture) and I was looking at the old pics of it from your earlier post and just realized your in Greenwood Lake. So funny, my husband has family there and have visited many times and even took a dip in the lake. There are so many beautiful historic stone houses in that area like in Tuxedo I think it is. Anyway, what a beautiful example your house is of that turn of the century "lake" house architecture.


OK, this is a totally dumb question, but your neighbor isn't the Hitchcock favorite Kim Novack?

I know, totally ridiculous, but I just had to ask.

Holly Holderman

Sorry, I have a weird sense of humor...I was making a Vertigo reference...it's like my cats in berets story...

Like that guy on Saturday night live...meet my girlfriend...Morgan Fairchild...yeah, yeah, that's it...



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