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August 15, 2007



That's very interesting. As a person who works in a shop and is often asked to consult on fabric selection, my first choice would have been the larger floral border. Maybe its a formula that's old fashioned? I love the light border that almost appears to be an extention of the background, but I know its a hard sell to most customers.

Now here's a question I've been wondering about lately. I have always loved a stripe as an inner border or binding, but is it becoming too predictable now? I notice I'm always picking a stripe but I've been interested in some new fresh alternative.

So whatcha think?

Holly Holderman

pammie dearest,

as always, you make some good points.

I think that my repsonse will turn into a blog, since it's long and needs visual support.

cheers to you,



Oh good, these are some things I've been thinking about lately and hoped as a designer you could let me know! Can't wait!


Wow! what a great idea to work it all out first! Im afraid I dont do that and am often suprised. I do end up unpicking alot. Yes, we are coming to the states for the quilt market in october in Houston. we are very excited about it and very nervous. We have no idea about our stall set up yet!

Bunny Tales

This was wonderful to see! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the version you ended up with.

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