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September 02, 2007



My etiquette stinks. Felt lazy, so only tagged you. Jasmine is adorable, btw.
Wish I was sitting on your patio right about now.


Your patio looks absolutely dreamy. I'd like a big cushy chaise and a tall tall glass of iced tea. In my imagination its cool crisp air. Probably far from the truth right? Its 105 here today. TOTALLY GROSS.


Wow! What a beautiful view! And Jasmine is so sweet -- my parents have a kitty just like that -- no matter where she is, the minute she sees you, she drops and rolls over onto her back for a tummy rub. Thanks for tagging me -- I'll have to add a little twist to my response. ;-)

Miss Sassy

Dang. Nice patio and awesome kitty. She and Mucha (my kitty) would get along great.

Cherri House

Precious kitty, and a lovely view - what could be better?


What a beautiful lake and patio. Cute little kitty too.

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