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September 26, 2007



My favorite is Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage's post-alike about making Elizabeth's pie.


LOL, I'd have to say that Sharon of Red Geranium too, who can beat that matching ensemble?? She should for sure get the WannaBe award ;-)

May Britt

I want to nominate Nadine at Friendship threads for her joyful posts. She have become a very good friend during my blogdays.

Vickie E

I would like to nominate Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill. I loved her applique story/blog. It wetted my appetite to buy that future pattern and ALL the LAkehouse fabs!


I nominate Morgan Moore and her Delectable Autumn Carrot Cake!


She always has the most delish recipes on her blog!


Oh {sniff}{sniff} we're at the postscript -- it was so much fun. I nominate:
1) for the comment, Marianne from www.picperfics.blogspot.com who commented "well now I am too hungry to sleep!" Sleep??? Who said anything about sleep? Bloggers have no time to sleep, so we must eat! LOL., and
2) for the guest blogger, Anne Sutton. That applique story was just the best! XOXO.


Ok, this is my second comment, but I get two votes? right? The first was category is: http://www.redgeraniumcottage.typepad.com/
and the second category is Pam, her desert was soooo simple!!


I agree with Pam...Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage--her post cracked me up.

I'll also nominate Pam because while all the desserts sound/look amazing, hers was so fast and is my new favorite snack.


Ok, hi it's me!! You know, the queen of the "copycat" lemon pie!! I had so much fun making that pie. It just goes to show even if your not part of something, you CAN still be part of something!!! LOL!!!! So is this just shameful again of me to nominate ME???!!!!! www.redgeraniumcottage.typepad.com Thank you, thank you very much.


I am nominating Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage fame! She is such a funny, talented lady, I think she should win!!

This is such a great idea, Holly, I'm just sorry I missed it! Been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, darn it all!!


I nominate Sharon at Red Geranium Cottage for her comments--which are always entertaining--and her spectacular inability to make Elizabeth's simple pie recipe! LOL!


Hands down (or pie down) has to be Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage ..... and I must add she needs extra style point votes. Those shoes, tooooo cute.


My vote must go to Sharon...made the pie, wore the cutest apron and those shoes...OMG :-)


My vote must go to Sharon...made the pie, wore the cutest apron and those shoes...OMG :-)


Me again, I forgot to make my second vote. That would go to PKM because that dessert does not get any easier. I think even I could whip that up and do it the correct way. So I say PKM!!


I agree! Sharon (Red Geranium Cottage)! I'm a secret reader of this blog- this is just SUCH a cute idea!


Sharon - of Red Geranium Cottage! She's a hoot! We need to find her "magic recipe" and bottle it because she cracks me up every time I pull her blog up on the computer!


I would like to nominate Annie Smith and her mom's recipe for the lemon jello cake. Being a nostalgia buff and a mommy's girl myself, I just couldn't choose anything else.

Laura Tawney

I had to look high and low for Red Geranium Cottage because I thought I had missed her dessert! Finally, I came back here clicked on her link and found her. What a hoot! So I vote for her and then for the 2nd one I vote for is Amanda who left for her runaway quilt retreat. My girlsfriends (11 of us) and I go to the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach every year and it is truly inspiring,and great fun! I can identify as I would have runaway also.

Jana Kigin

My favorite was Morgan's carrot cake. Yum!

happy zombie

My vote goes to the person who will actually make me the dessert. The phone lines are open and I'm ready to accept your non non-taxable delicious donations.


Hellllloooooooooo-Isn't the winner obvious? Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage! I LOVE HER!!!! That chick is funny.


Definitely Sharon! What a hoot! I've had the pleasure of chatting with her a couple of times in person, and trust me when I say she's every bit as funny in 3D!


Uh-huh. It's just as I suspected. I go away for the weekend, come back here to see how the voting is going and OMG there are tons of votes for Sharon! How could that happen you say? 1) 'Cause she's so darn stinkin' funny and 2) 'Cause she's a shameless hussy and she's begged for votes on her blog and sent all her friends over here. That girl's a thinker!!! ;-)


i don't mean to brown-nose but i do like yours (holly's) and megan's the best. but since you guys are out of the running--anne had such a creative story to tell us--and i'm in awe of her applique work.

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