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October 05, 2007





Somebody is watchin over her! Yikes a bear!!!


That sounds like the scariest thing ever. For real a huge big bear??? Are you serious??? WOW lucky doggy.

Holly Holderman

The wildest thing is that the bear was hiding from her!

Paton says that black bears don't have big claws, like grizzly's (nor the temperments)....

He says that the way that black bears kill animals who are threatening their young is by crushing them against the ground with their paws, (and the force of their body weight).



Holy Cow! That would be really scary! What a cute little dog -- sure glad he's ok. Hey -- is he jealous he doesn't have a kitty bib? I'm thinking I might need to make my sister's yappers some bibs -- they're all of 8 lbs. each, compared to Scruff's 17 lbs. -- so kitty bibs would look mighty fine on them. ;-)


Glad your dog had a guardian angel doggie watching over her! She's so cute and very brave I might add!

little acorns

What a little hero! (. . .a very lucky little hero!) But, oh my gosh, I would have been a wreck watching it all! Especially when - even of you call her to "come". . . she can't hear you!

I would love to know what it was she was barking during her victory lap. Maybe something like. . . "Yea!. . . you big black scardy cat! I'll show you who's place this is. . . & it ain't yours buddy! You keep your distance from my people here. . . they're mine. . . now shoo. . . & stay shoo'd!!!". . .

What a girl Kitty! (But next time. . . . just go tell mom or dad. . . k?)

Mary Anne Drury

YIKES ! glad to hear the pooch is OK ! (we're very familiar with bears in my neck of the woods (i.e. northeast Pa) -- our neighbor's yellow lab had a run in with a bear about a year ago which sent the poor dog to the vet ER for multiple sutures on his back and sides from bear claw lacerations after his owner threw rocks at the bear to get him off of the dog -- very scary!!!!)

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