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November 08, 2007



Love the cherries quilt - surprised? Although I don't 'work' in this style, I love it, especially if those cherries are stuffed and the leaves are dimensional! I hope all those bears have a good hope and are not stuck in a crate all year :-)

Holly Holderman

Actually diane, we are working on a charity donation as I write you.




That cherries quilt is about the cutest thing ever.


The booth and all the 'stuff' about it looked wonderful! But its not hard to make pretty things with pretty fabric is it!!!


Wow Holly -- I love it all! From the ric rac and buttons on your first quilt to the cherries -- OMG, I'll bet you DID get a ton of compliments on that one -- it's fabulous!!!


Holly, I love it all!! The pictures are wonderful. I can't wait till the fabric all comes out. Like I need more right? LOL But oh yes I do!!!

sugarshop (Dena Berg)

Beautiful pictures, love the totes!


The cherry quilt is indeed DARLING. I'm a pink person and it makes perfect sense to make the cherries pink. Is this a pattern that is available?

Holly Holderman

All of the project patterns from Fall 07 market will be available in early 2008 when the new LakeHouse fabric arrives in the stores.
I'll keep everyone posted on this.

We'll also be putting downloadable "click & print" project sheets up on the website in the next week or so. Then you can take them into your local IQS, and get exactly what you need.

Thanks for asking!




oh my gosh.. I love your blog, and the bulls eye quilt is just the cutest thing ever! I'll be sure to come and check out your blog from time to time, its just gorgeous!


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