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November 28, 2007



Hi Holly,

Ooops!! I did see the quilt you designed and really love it. I am sorry I forgot to mention it, but honestly I was so excited I actually found the magazine all other pertinent information seeped out of my memory banks. Thanks for the prize, I can't wait!



I saw the quilt you designed and absolutely loved it!! I usually like to do my own thing, but girl you hit it just right. I want the fabrics and all!! Thanks for a quilt with extras!

Shirley LeDoux

Are you kidding me? Of course the quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color combination. Merci, Holly. Merci, PKM.


Its true, I'm self centered.. I looked up the article and didn't even look at the rest of the magazine till last night. Its lovely Holly.

And Sandy is cracking me up.


I do love that quilt!!!. . . (& I've been waiting for that pattern to come out since Spring Market!!!). . . That one I am going to squeeze into making my own projects. . . I can sooo see it in my office!!
xo, Bren

(p.s. Just so you know - Anne posted about the quilt! - a few days back. We all love it!!!)


I'm trying very hard to FORGET about that quilt 'cause while it's without a doubt the prettiest quilt I've EVER seen in a magazine, I've hardly got any of that fabric left.
But seriously--I'm with Bren on that--would love to make one for myself.


The must not have sent any of those magazines to Southern California, I have looked everyplace I can think of and can't find it. Darn!

Tammy Tadd

Hi Holly! Oh yes the quilt is definitely in there! We are getting orders right and left for the kit! FYI everyone, we not only carry the kit for Belle Etoiles, but the entire La Belle Rose line of LakeHouse fabrics on our website at www.tammytadddesigns.com!

Can't wait til' the "Bearly There Special Event"! It's going to be great fun!


I'm still waiting for my issue to be delivered to me. I can't wait cause you know I'm sending you a photo even if the contest is over!! LOL
Thank you soooo much for the wonderful loot!! I received it yesterday!!! Thank you again!!!!!

Lisa D.

Holly - I really LOVE the quilt you designed for the magazine. I would love to recreate it in the same fabrics. I am really surprised that McCall's didn't include the item number of each fabric in their fabric requirements, it's hard to see exactly which prints are called for from the description and tiny picture. I know I can just buy a kit from Tammy Tadd, but I was hoping to save some money and buy pieces that I can split with a friend.

Robin Mynatt

Oh my Holly! When I saw that quilt you designed in the mag, I knew I had to have it so I ran right over to Tammy's site, it's the first kit I have ever bought for myself (Merry Christmas to me ;), and it is the best ever!! The color combo is TDF. It soo reminds me of MacKenzie Childs. Now to get it made is another story! hehe

Sharon Andrews

Good morning! What a neat website!! First time for me. I have a question. I'm looking for a store close to me that sell Holly Holderman fabrics. The one in my area that I knew closed her doors. My area code is 61010. Thanks for whatever you can do. Sharon Andrews--jbsapi@hughes.net

Maryellen Pancotti

How can I get a hold of some Hydrangea Garden Heather or heron fabric. I want to make a quilt and can't find the fabric
a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. I love hydrangeas!
Please help,

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