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December 09, 2007



Adorable! Now if we can only get those giant buttons west of the Rockies...


Oh, how cute! Cherries are right up on top of PKM's favorite things list.


Oh, how cute! Cherries are right up on top of PKM's favorite things list.


I can't wait to see the whole thing...must remember to get the magazine when it hits the stands. It looks to die for!


Oh love this one even better!


Love, Love Love this darling little quilt. I've been searching and emailing to find out if that pattern was available as soon as I saw it on your blog so I am extremely happy!! A quick technical question: Is it the same pattern with just color variations from the first? My son has a friend that he has known since second grade. He and his wife are expecting twins. The pink one would be perfect if one (or both) of the little munchkins turns out to be a girl. I won't be able to use buttons as babies tend to chew, so I will applique the cherries on. Now all I have to do is be patient and wait for my issue to arrive in the mail....waiting...waiting...waiting..... :-)


What a striking quilt made this way. I, too, love them both - but maybe this one a tad better. I'm a sucker for b/w in anything.


I am wild about cherries----- and think that I can't wait to make this quilt. However, I am not a good waiter, never one of my best skills, I'm just being honest here!

Tap, tap, tap.

Is it June yet????


This cherry quilt IS adorable!


Oh Holly -- that quilt is just adorable. You've come up with another winning combination!


This quilt is gorgeous! Will there be a kit available somewhere?


I LOVE this quilt and NEED the pattern! Where do I get it?


Holly Holderman

hi there,

This quilt is available in kit form from fatquarterhop.com


Karen Elkins

I have been looking for this quilt pattern for so long....What magazine was the pattern in? Plus I wrote to Fatquarterhop.com and they no longer have the pattern. Can someone send me some information on where maybe to get the kit or the pattern or the magazine????.....thanks.

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