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January 01, 2008



That is one cute set! Happy New Year Holly!

Tammy Tadd

Hey Holly! Happy New Year! Yeah, I have to agree, "way cute"! And my favorite combination, pink and green! Very sweet!


Very Kute Quilt and Pillow!
I'm guessing the name to be Natalie!OR Nora!
Hope I win....


How about Noel?


I love the new fabric! I hope the pattern will end up in Quilts & More???? I would love to place a guess but I am unsure if the N is the last or first letter in the name...so I will guess Jenn for it being the last letter and Nicole for the 1st letter. I hope this is okay to do???

Vivian Love

Holly, Very cute quilt! BTW, I used to live in Spain and it's true, they do eat 12 grapes at New Year's. Actually you stuff all 12 grapes in your mouth without swallowing. You chew them up and swallow them when it's midnight. It's really fun and very messy! Happy new year!

--Vivian Love

Heidi Kaisand

What a great project for Quilts and More. Jill has good taste in fabric and designers. Way to go!


How about Nanette?? LOVELY quilt!

Joan Gibb

I really, really hope that the name on the pillow is Joan!
Your new fabric looks beautiful.

Freda's Hive

Love this quilt and the colors. And I love "quilts and more" Hey my name starts with N! But someone above already suggested Nanette.

Loved your article in the magazine on blogs as well. Fabulous stuff. I'm going to tell my Alpine quilt group to read the article. They have no idea what they are missing.

Mary Ann/ca

Just plain Nan I think!


I love pink & green together! This is an adorable bedroom ensemble. I'm guessing the name might be Megan. Happy New Year, love following your blog.


I guess Robin, and can't wait for the fabric to come out!


What a cute quilt Holly! Can't wait to see if it turns up in Quilts and More. Um...how 'bout Nellie??? ;-)


i'm a new lurker to your blog and i love your stuff! this new quilt is very cute! i'm guessing the name is Ann.
Happy Quilting!


what about Nancy? or Nikki?

the quilts really cute and I've got some fun ideas now that I've seen it! Thanks for letting me lurk :-)

Carrie Mc W

My first guess was Ann, but another name could be Gwen...or...could be Nicole...absolutely way cute.



I love the fabric!!! I'm getting so Frustrated w/our LQS. She still hasn't ordered La Belle Rose for the store so we can get started on the quilt. We have 2 dozen ladies waiting to make a quilt that has only been EQ6'd not even sewn and they're chomping at the bit to make a LakeHouse quilt!!!

Thanks for your fabulous fabric!!



Hey Lauri, not to compete with your LQS, but if you can't get the La Belle Rose fabric from her, we carry the entire line at Tammy Tadd Designs. You can see it all on our website and order thru PayPal or call us toll free. Just FYI.


Ooops, sorry forgot www.tammytadddesigns.com! Kind of important if you want to find us!


Just found your blog and I love it! I really, really like the quilt and have never heard of Quilts and More so will have to check that out too. My quesses are Morgan, Lauren or Madison!


Love this new set -- can't wait to see the whole thing! I'm going to guess the N is for Nadine (though I have NO idea really). Loved all of the bear mini-quilts and what a wonderful place to send them!


Hi! I don't know how I reached this blog, but I like it! I am sewing a sampler with the same combination of colours at the moment. You even used one of the fabrics I bought as well! Happy New Year from Germany!


sorry, forgot to add my guess...I think it's Nadine!***


sorry, forgot to add my guess...I think it's Nadine!***

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