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February 03, 2008



Sounds yummy.


Likewise I think is sounds yummy but I am gifted (ummm - using tact here) with a family that has one member who is absolutely intolerant of msg and anything like it (dh), and another who not only can't have msg, but can't have anything artificial be it flavourings, colourings, or preservatives. And just to make it fun, he can't have vitamin C or ascorbic acid, so most apple juice is even out the question for him (that's no. 2 son). So when it is wintertime (it lovely and warm and summery here in Australia now) and soup is on the menu, I have to go back to first principles and make everything from scratch, stock et al. A good hearty tomato soup is one of my favourites, made with a hearty beef stock (and if I am feeling really indulgent I'll buy beef bones with some of the flesh still on and brown them in the oven before adding them to the stock), but I do love a good chicken soup as well, and like you I love cilantro, though here we know it as coriander, and it is a feature and some of the Thai hot and spicy soups I love.


Yum...it sounds wonderful Holly -- thanks for sharing the recipe!


Soups are great this time of year. Here is a super easy recipe for the busy quilter:

Low Fat Clam Chowder:

Place a liner in your crockpot (you don't even have to wash the thing afterwards...hooray).

Then dump in the following ingredients....

16 ounce bag frozen hash browns
2 cans low fat/low sodium cream of celery soup
1 can low fat/low sodium cream of mushroom
2 cans (don't drain them first) minced clams
1 pint of non fat half-n-half
pinch of pepper
2 TBSP of real bacon bits
My slow cooker cooks this on low in about 3.5 hours. This would also be good as a potato soup minus the clams.


Sounds good.thanks for the receipe


sounds great, thanks for sharing your receipe


Hey! I just saw your blog over on the Jolly Jabber and had to come check things out!! I love your fabric designs & was so excited to read your post!!

Erin Bennett

OH MY I loved your writing on the Jolly Jabber and cannot wait to see the McCall's Magazine! I love pictures of Emma and cannot believe she is going to be a Year old!!! I am so gld you wrote of the new line. I am going to be so ordering now! Now about your soups! Thanks so much and I am sure adding you to my blog!!!


Just came over from the Jolly Jabber and wanted to check out the site!


Hi, I read your post on the Jolly Jabber. I just love your fabrics!! Thanks for sharing your ideas & recipes! :)

Darlene Gerber

Holly I'm trying to track down one of your fabrics. It's the one with 7" Colored Daisies on the Colored background. Purple Daisy on Aqua, or Purple Daisy on Lime Green? I've purchased the Multi colored Daisies on Snow and Black. I love the whole collection. If you could send me the LH number that would help me in my search, or if you know of a store that has this in stock, I could call and order it from them.
I'm working on 2 quilts using this fabric and plan to do a couple more. Thanks.

Holly Holderman

Hi there,

That Daisy fabric is called LH 06006 "DayZ Deux" we are still selling it.

I'd love to see what you make with this fabric Darlene, I have seen some really creative and fun quilts made with it.

Diane Weber of California has a really neat new pattern that uses this fabric that is really fresh and pretty.



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