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February 24, 2008



You desk looks gorgeous with all the colors. The view is beautiful. I feel bad about your cat. I am such a cat lover and I hope your cat returns! Vickie-Dixie, feel better!


It looks like you have a beautiful spot and view to create in. It looks pretty tidy to me for being in the midst of production.
I was sorry to hear about your cat. I hope it shows back up.


Ohhh you're a tease Holly! Can't wait to see what you've got going.


It's so inspiring to see what you're working on, Holly! The more color, the better. The old rule still applies: There is no such thing as too much fabric ; )

Mary Anne Drury

Oh gosh..... so sorry to hear about your Jasmine ..... I hope you find her safe and sound soon. ..... and give your Vickie-Dixie kisses and ear scritches from me .... what a good kitty! (I am mom to Sam, Shadow and Daisy .... so I know how you feel)

.....oooohhhs and aaaahhhhs over your gorgeous fabric in progress AND that great window view!


The view from your desk is unbelievable! You must have a historic house to have fabulous windows like that. Sending best wishes and come home soon thoughts to the kitties; I have 5 myself and know how it is.


Oh Holly! More, more, show us more LOL! The fabrics look YUMMY!!!! So sorry to hear about the kitty trauma -- I hope Jasmine wanders back home soon!


I love the bright colors that you are working with--so awesome!! Also, super-pumped to be one of the first three to post from the JJ. Here's my email address: mom2chloe_camille@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!


I love all of your fabrics, so I'm sure whatever you decide will be great, as always.

I'm sorry to hear that your kitty is missing. I hope it finds it's way back home, soon.

By the way, Cherri at Cherry House Quilts has her Cherry Fizz pattern up on her blog. Your Cherry Baby fabrics are gorgeous in her quilt!


Holly! Awesome colors. If I have to do the BOM again for the LQS, I want to use your fabrics again! We finally got some of the fabrics in for La Bella Rose and my compatriot in quilting has hers almost put together. I will post it to my blog ASAP and let you take a peek at it! Love your fabrics!! How soon can we get your newest line off your website to play w/the colors?

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

Guess what? Next market is going to be...drumroll please... in my town! Yay! I'm so excited! That table looks like a delicious confection of goodies to come. SOrry to hear about the kitty, though, hope she turns up!
~Angela :-)


Your desk is a colour confection, a quilter's delight.

Poor little Jasmine!!! But don't give up on her. My husband's cat is a Norwegian Forest who was dumped at the age of 4 months near us and adopted us. He is truly an amazing cat, but now is also a completely inside cat after his "vanishing" incidents. The first time he went missing it was for 3 months. Was never really that far from the house I believe - we lived on a 25 acre property with lots of hollow trees. Then he companion, Arwin, died and he took himself off to mourn her. Eight months he was gone that time which explains why he is now an inside cat.

I will keep my fingers crossed and think positive thoughts about your Jasmine.

Wonderful West Gippsland

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your desk. I'm praying that your kitty comes back. Don't give up. I've had kitties stay gone for up to a year and come back home. Good luck.


Pretty colors and so much fun to color up new prints. Right now I'm ironing a couple fat quarters that I got from one of my LQS. I was tickled when I realized that they're both prints of yours ... Ticking Stripe in pink/green and periwinkle/green colorways. And here I didn't think that any of the stores carried your fabrics. Beautiful fabrics. Love that little bit of sheen that's on them too. :-)


Fun stuff Holly! Love all the new Cherry Baby fabrics.
We are crazy getting ready here too.
See you in Portland!


Your table has all of the same fabric on it as mine!

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