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February 08, 2008



Beautiful!! For the pink, I think that the name should be "Oh So, Pretty in Pink" and the blue "Spring Time Blues". I hope this helps.

Marilyn Smith

I am in love with these. They are absolutely beautiful.

Read about your site at the FQShop. I've bookmarked it and will be back often. Super site!


Nancy Holt

Those are absolutely lovely! I could enjoy working on those. Hydrangea's are one of my favorites...


Well, I posted earlier on your soup post but, this new quilt pattern deserves another comment!! Just beautiful--not sure on a name but, it's so stinkin' cute!!


saw your site on FQ and thought I would look in. Beautiful quilts.


Gorgeous. I'm here from the Fat Quarter Shop "Jolly Jabber" blog, too, as a first-time visitor. I'll think about those names.


I saw your blog on Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Jabber. It's always fun to discover new blogs (new-to-me anyways), and yours is fun!

Account Deleted

I have come over from Fat 1/4 shop, love your Cherry baby fabric.
How about "Hip Hydrangeas"...


Since you have a bit of an Irish chain going on there, how about "Hydrangea Chain"?

Lisa Leimone

BEAUTI-FUL!!! Loved your story too!! How about this...

"Petal Pushers!"



G'day from Australia - I just recently had a friend say she was looking for blue hydrangea inspiration - she's going to love this - it's beautiful!


They look so much like little corsages. I'll suggest "Just for You"

Christine Cole

Beautiful quilts. They make my heart sing. As for names, how about "My Bonnie Blue" and "Pink Perfection". Love your fabrics and your site, I just came here from fat quarter shop, I'll be back.

mary callender

Just read your blog on the Jolly Jabber and it is my first visit. I really like the hydrangia line in both the blue and pink. I was thinking of something to do with the irish chain pattern or something irish sounding. Maybe "When blue eyes are smiling." "Little Lassie" for the pink!


Those Hydrangea Corsages are beautiful. What about Irish Corsage or Irish Nosegay?

Take care, Cory

Daphne Sherlock

Thinking Pink ---- Talking Blue! I totally love your lines of fabric and went to your blog for the first time after reading the article in McCall's magazine. This could get addictive!

Sherry H.

Gorgeous! I've been waiting for what seems like forever for this fabric to hit the shops, so I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. :-) How about "Hydrangea Hopscotch"?



Hydragena Heaven.........I just love hydrangea's........I have one on my blogheader at the moment........


Holly, these are so beautiful. How about "Hydrangea Crossing"?

Sue Goodin

First time visit. Heard about your blog from Jolly Jabber. Love your blog.


The baby quilt made in honor of little Emma is adorable. Heard about it from Jolly Jabber.


This is a great blog!! Thanks Jolly Jabber! :) It's been added to bloglines!

As for the quilt name my mom always call hydrangea hortensia....so my suggestion is Hortensia Lattice.


Did you ever say what the name was on the pillow? We could only see an N. Janet

Studio Christine

how about "blocks and posies"

would work with just about any flower then....

makes for more versatile interpretations


Corsage Chains

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