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March 16, 2008



Sounds wonderful!!!


Yup she's pretty darn cute. So you get a "lull" before market? What's up with that? I don't get one of those.


That's an awesome picture Holly! I think it should grace those new white walls. Maybe you could train Young Geets to make cupcake runs -- put a little homing signal on her and attach a cupcake wagon. After all, if you don't have bakery goodies it could affect the design process, non?


Hi Holly! Yes, Kitty is absolutely precious!!!! So precious in fact that I just finished cleaning up the huge mess that I made when her adorable picture popped up on my screen :) I haven't had time to blog in literally months so today while the Comcast guy is here fixing the phone line (It's been one of those days and of course Audie is away on business), I decided to see what you have been up to, so I clicked on your blogspot and began pouring diet coke into a glass with ice....Kitty's photo came up and I was oohing and ahhing and the next thing I know the diet coke is flowing and foaming all over my desk, the phone, the mouse pad the floor and yes even some drips of coke on the keyboard!!!!! What a mess! So much for a relaxing few minutes of leisure. And...now I have to get back to work. Anyway, congratulations on your new office space. Even tho it isn't the "dream space" you wanted, I have no doubt that you and Paton will turn it into a dream space and think of all the money you will have saved. It sounds like your new office is in a lovely area with delicious conveniences all around :) Take care and enjoy the rest of the week and your very small lull!


She is really cute! It looks like she has a love for fabric like you do! I think that is great. Yes, it is true I can't wait to see some new pictures of your new digs, but I can be patient......


That is one funny photo of your dog and that fabric. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it.


Aaah! Geeter looks like he could be my new pup's sister! What a sweetie, she's adorable :o)


Hi Holly,

I am sorry to contact you through your blog, but I didn't know how else to contact you. I have only recently discovered Lakehouse fabrics and they are the most gorgeous designs and colorations I have ever seen in fabric, honestly! I am contacting you cause I am looking for a fabric which it appears you are no longer making. I was so crushed when the website wrote to tell me that. I was wondering if you might have some bits left I could buy. It's the Mariposa Butterflies Ivory with silver accents. I have only been able to find one website that has 3 whole yards, I need at least 6 but would buy more if I could find it! Thank you so much and great work!!

Stephanie Cooke

I am simply in love with Lake House Fabrics! I learned about them from visiting Quiltsillustrated.com, purchasing a few patterns a couple of days ago. I purchased my first Quiltsillustrated pattern, the charm party tote, several months ago, from my local quilt shop. I have gotten so many compliments on the tote that I made, that I wanted to expand my collection! Where can I purchase your fabrics, directly through the Lake House website, Quiltsillustrated website, or do I need to visit a quilt shop? Thank you, Stephanie


What a lovely photo!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn


Oh my nerves, we had a dog like that growing up! Such a sweet fuzzy face! Love the photo!! Geeter is obviously very comfortable amongst the fabric, too. Love it.

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