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June 09, 2008



Thats pretty funny Holly!


Oh. My. Gosh!!! I'm SO excited about your new cupcake fabric Holly -- I just can't wait to get my hands on some. And now I'm sad that I made my backpack out of your candy fabric -- 'cause I want a cupcake backpack. Maybe there will have to be a backpack twin -- if I could ever find the time to make it. At the very least, there will have to be a cupcake wallet -- 'cause the really cool thing about your fabrics??? You use the same colors and that new cupcake fabric is going to go perfectly with my candy backpack!!! You're a genius! Did anyone take pics of your Lucy and Ethel Moment??? (And p.s. -- thanks for the Cupcake Cafe tip -- I've been to Magnolia (addictive!) so now I'll have to search for the Cupcake Cafe!)


My chef/neighbor is an unbelievable baker. She is going to sell custom cupcakes by order and I've been lucky enough to be one of her tasters. I can't imagine any cupcakes being better than hers! Anyway I'm going to get this fabric and make her a cupcake quilt to celebrate her new venture.

happy zombie

Ooooo laa laa... I'm a little cheese sandwich! Can I be grilled too? With a side of fries? And big margarita to wash it down too? And now I am hungry!

After all was said and done... I didn't even have a cupcake! That is just so wrong and I have no idea why my cupcakedar didn't go off.


You fabric collection looks fab! I have been loving orange and pink together lately =)


WHERE can I find the pattern for the cupcake bag pictured in this post? It is DARLING!! I know just the person who needs one!!


I NEED SOME OF THAT FABRIC RIGHT NOW!!!! Yes, I am screaming. You have really done it this time. I am already imagining so many projects with these cute, cute, cute fabrics. You are the bomb!!


Love your cupcake fabric - your display looks lovely! The cupcake bag looks fantastic!

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