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June 22, 2008



Cute jacket. I love how creative people are!


They could have expanded the public school theme with a lunchroom menu of tater tots, corn dog, chilled peaches and milk, but send those cigar smokers to the principal's office!

Holly Holderman

Actually, the funniest part is that the room to smoke cigars in is called "Detention"




happy zombie

I cracking up over "culinary bummer"... because I know EXACTLY what you are talking about (I'm a Top Chefie too). At least maybe Mother's was more of a culinary, you know. Yeah. One of those.


The best thing about MKSR is Foghorn Stringband....if you had a chance to catch them while at the restaurant the food and smell would not have been a factor. They are worth the discomfort.


Hi Holly: I am interested in buying more of your fabric, especially LH 06003 Alphabet Lower Case. Do you sell direct from your company?
Your fabrics are beautiful!

Jacque Johnson

I am looking for pieces of LaBelle Rose but none of the distributors have it in stock. Is it possible to order direct? The fabric is featured in a new book by Panny Haren and we are trying to duplicate that quilt for a shop sample. Just thought it might be worth a shot. Thanks!


The jacket is great. Sorry about your restaurant experience. I have nothing against smokers, my parents both smoked, although my mother quit years ago, and my brother still smokes, but when you live in a state that doesn't allow smoking in restaurants (Florida) and you visit a state that still does (Iowa) it is a bit more noticable. Too bad the food wasn't better to make it worth it.


Hi Holly H.
I love your blog!! I know this is not the place, but dont know how else to reach ANYONE that can help me find one of your patterns from the DayZ Blog Hop from last year... How do we get a hold of someone?? Feel free to email me direct at awholelottascent@aol.com


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