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September 08, 2008



Oh, I've jsut got to do the blue with light border! But gees - -the others make it hard to decide!


I am liking that last one with the dramatic black...it is wonderful! Thank you for the eye candy.


I like the last one best. I'm into black in quilts.


Holly! I've missed your inspirational posts! All the quilts are so pretty -- I think I like the first pink one best.


Blue's my favorite color, so the first one with the light border is the one I gravitated to first. But, as I look, I think the last one is the most interesting. It's very hard to choose!


The first and the third versions are my favorite...but of course I love them all!


The dramatic one is my favorite .... although the gypsy rose is a close second.


The one in the middle (the light pink) is my favorite and the blue with the light border is a very close 2nd. All gorgeous!


I love the last one. The black makes the rest of it just sparkle.


I am a lush for the pastels...I heart pinks, but I really heart the pink and black together...that seems to be the hot color combo on the east coast right now!!!! My daughter's sorority (Phi Mu) is using that combination and it is gorgeous. I must find out where I can get a hold of these fabrics...I am in Norfolk, VA.

Lisa D.

Wow - they are all incredible! I'd have to say my favorite is the second to last. At first glance, it almost looks scalloped because of the floral print inner border. Just beautiful!


I love the first one! The white is so refreshing as the border!


i'm a sucker for pastels too so i like the pink one best. but honestly, they're all incredible.


The two blue ones are my favorites, but they all are simply wonderful.


Can someone tell me how to privately email Holly? I, too, bought a panel of that beautiful blue flower fabric - I'd love to know if she used a pattern for the blue flower quilt or if she made it up. Any help would be appreciated and thank you!


There is no way to pick just one...I love them all and want to make them all...just love to quilt and the colors WOW!

Janet Raby

Where can I buy the Le Grande Rose fabric panel? Does anyone know?

Janet Raby

Are any of these patterns on here for sale? They are just beautiful. I would love to make them if I could find the rose material. Please help!

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