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September 11, 2008



Adorable tote bag! Okay, I have to say those circles on the quilt are GENIUS! They make my eyes tell my brain that those are cathedral windows and now little squares! Isn't that crazy? Nice to see you blogging again!


The bage is very cute! But, I am absolutely LOVING the new Doll Dresses fabrics...can't wait to get my hands on some and design with it.


Really wonderful bag...(coveting your bag) and I LOVE the fabrics.


how sweet.


Love the fabrics and the quilt!


Pam does make the world's best tote bags! Am really enjoying the new fabric, too!


Glad you like the bag. I love the new fabrics! Can't wait to be sewing with them!

happy zombie

I feel so honored to be in such an elite group... the PMK bag club! Love how yours turned out... Pam is amazing. Love your new fabs, and love seeing all the peeks!

Anyone Can Quilt

Such a cute bag! And that quilt is giving me heart palpitations. It's gorgeous! x


I am addicted to your fabrics and have been making all of the quilt shops in southwestern Ohio and a few in NC crazy demanding(and I am not usually a demanding person=) your fabrics. They make me happy.


Oh, that bag is just beautiful! And speaking of beautiful: the new fabric line is gorgeous - can't wait to see them in person...the quilt is just perfect to show them off. I love designs that are simple but special - those circles really give the quilt its little extra.
Cheers, Julia


Oh! That tote bag is just adorable -- PKM is one VERY clever girl. Love the new fabrics too!!!

Mary Anne Drury

I LOVE the tote bag; I LOVE the quilt; and I LOVE the fabrics!!!.......sigh.......


These bags are killing me! They are so gosh dang cute! LOVE the quilt and the circles! Wow. Thanks for sharing ! ooxx`jodi


Oh. My. Gosh. i can't wait for that darling fabric to hit the stores!!!!! love your tote bag. i'll have to find a local store that will be carrying them!!!
good work!!!!!!


The sneak peek of the quilt for McCall's Quilting is really darling... can you tell us ahead of time how much of each fabric we need so that by the time the magazine comes out the fabric isn't too hard to find? I seem to have that problem quite often!

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