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October 18, 2008



Definately worth the wait, its completely cute. Can't wait to see it in person!


Wow, the result ist stunning - beautiful quilt!!


This whole project has been one of MY favorite things to follow. The results have been worth the wait, because the wait was so much fun.

Carrie P.

Yes, it was worth the wait. It turned out so beautiful.

Sandy K.

WOW...what a great quilt. I can hardly wait to get my pattern to start making some "pretty dresses"


I love it! i can't wait to get a pattern also! The quilt is darling.


It is absolutely darling! I have bought the pattern and will be making my own little doll dress quilt. Thanks so much for the inspiration. :D


A is for absolutely adorable!! Love it!!


Please tell you you're going to do a kit for this! Most adorable!!


Oh yes! It was well worth the wait! I also have purchased the pattern and I have plans! I love the way you balanced the fabric colors over the design and it is just so girly!Darling,adorable,words fail me,it is just so well done. Everyone I know totally loves it!


What little girl(or big for that matter) wouldn't love this quilt!! It turned out darling!! Well Done, great idea!!! Kathie


You know, you've really inspired me. I'm going to turn my dolly happy birthday banner into some quilting patterns. Thanks for the great idea!



That was well worth the wait. It turned out just wonderful!


WoW! That is the most adorable quilt! I can't wait to get some of your fabric now to make my own!


Dear Holly,
What a sweet work of art!
It's evident by the small details that you put a lot of time and creativity into this piece.
I just linked your blog, to an piece about Addison Endpapers. Hope this is ok.
If not please let me know!



This is the cutest quilt I have ever seen! I adore it.


This is so incredibly awesomely cute, I am speechless. You did it again Holly!

See you at market.

Daphne Sherlock

Holly - You have definitely outdone yourself! How could anyone, anywhere, compete with this?


VERY cute!!!!!


Holly it is just perfect!! I can't wait to see it in person!


I love the smocked top!! I made my wedding dress and it was smocked. My mother tried to talk me out of it, but I couldn't! I was in love with the dress. So cute on gingham!


Pretty pretty


Pretty pretty

Katie Trott

It is so adorable! Do you think I can have one on my bed? Or would this be better for my 4 year old? My husband probably has an opinion!

Rini Boer

This is all beautiful !
Lovely colors !
Rini - the Netherlands

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