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March 01, 2009



Bless you for taking in these poor puppies. THey are beautiful. Its so sad when people treat these poor loving and trusting animals so badly. I hope we can wipe out puppymills completely......


Sweet puppy picks. Wondered what you'd been up to.


Oh my...your post made me a little bit weepy but that's okay. I have only rescued 3 dogs out of extreme abuse situations, actually snatched one from the neighbors yard but it was a puppy that she had gotten from us and even though her top weight was 6 lbs, they kept her on a chain outside, year around. Well, the went on vacation one summer, left her tied on a 3 foot lenght chain to a doghouse out in the sun, with not water or food. After watching her for 2 days and pouring water over the fence into a bowl I put down myself, also leaving dogfood down for her, we decided to just take her back. After all, the day before they left, the father held her up by the chain and repeatedly kicked her. My husband jumped the fence and tried to get her then but to no avail. When they came home from vacation to find her rolicking in our yard with our dogs, they asked for her back and my husband, being a very wise man simply said "Dave, why in the world do you want her back? You hate her and she is dying a slow painful death in your home"...He was speechless for a minute or two and finally shrugged his shoulders and said, he was sorry he had been so cruel and we were right, they had no business keeping her there. I'm not sure if they realized it or not but they wouldn't have gotten her back regardless. She look exactly like Toto from the The Wizard of Oz and was a darling. She died at 4 years old due to injuries suffered as a pupply but her last year was a happy, healthy, comfortable one during which she was deeply loved. BUT, of all the horror stories about abuse out there, to me the very worst are the pupply mills. Such a horrible life, God bless them. And God bless you for helping to rescue as many as you are able. Blueberry and Ladybug are so very adorable and I'm so sorry Ladybug has to go through heartworm treatment, but what a blessing she is and will be healthy again in not time. Holly you have left little footprints all over my heart today. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the story of the darling little people that happen to dress in fur. We will never own another dog that is not a rescued dog. They give so much more to us than we could ever give back to them. Okay, I've rambled quite enough for one post. (probably for 10, lol) The cupcake fabric is darling. I was wondering though, your 'favorite things' jump from 166 to 168....did I miss 167? Oh, and did you have your giveaway on the Teatime fabrics? I was glad to see your post because I too had wondered if all was okay. Keep us posted on your newest arrivals (pups I mean) and if you can, I would love to know if the other 14 find foster homes. God Bless and a big HUG for you, and maybe a gentle ear scratch for Blueberry and Ladybug.

Auntie Pami

Hi Holly, Glad to hear about the cupcakes, I'll order some asap! I have not seen this breed, they look very sweet.


Look at those darling doggies. Thank heavens there are good hearted people like you and Paton and your other friends who help care for these poor doggy friends!

Your cupcake fabric is darling! I can see why it is doing so well. Congratulations! :)


Yay! You're still out there and a kabillion yays that you're reprinting the cupcakes. I just cut into my teeny stash this weekend, hoping not to deplete it. You're a saint for taking those adorable puppies in.


how might one go about purchasing the fabric???

Carol Radcliffe

Hi there,
I have sent this to Holly before, but just in case:
My local store http://quiltsandtreasuresinc.com/ owned by Valerie Morton
56 Shaker Road
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Tel. (413) 525-4789 or (413) 525-6647
She has a hard time receiving what she orders. I have no idea why. She says that when she orders fabric, it sometimes never shows up.
Go figure! I really did look all over for that cupcake fabric and I wanted so badly to make that cupcake pattern as a wallhanging and it was no where to be found. I was so bummed out by that. So,
I am so glad you are reprinting it!!!
Thank you,
Carol Radcliffe
(friend of Diane Weber)

Linda Bylsma

I just came upon your blog today, and here you have Tibetan Terriers! Di you know that they are by nature couch potatoes? In Tibet, they were housed in the temples and spoiled, like royalty. They were considered a "Good Luck" dog, and were only given to people who had stayed and helped in the villages where they lived. When that person left, they were given a dog to guide them and give them luck.
We lost our beloved TT, Duncan, last fall. He was 14 years old and had heart trouble.
My heart is hurting for these dogs. Maybe I should look into fostering. Hmmm.

Carina Gardner

Hi Holly! I have been trying to find an email address to contact you? I'm not seeing one on this site or your Lakehouse site...could you email me?


Where can I purchase this cupcake fabric?
Thank you!


I have lots of the Pink and Black Cupcake fabric in my shop!
I also have other fabrics from the Little Lady Collection and Boy Oh Boy, Doll Dresses and La Grand Jardin!
Sew Fab loves Lakehouse!

shannon Roberts

Where can I order this cupcake fabric? I need it asap and can't find it online anywhere!

Betty Waite

Where can I find the La Grand Jardin blue fabric. Is it discontinued?

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