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August 16, 2009



Chocolate with buttercream is my favorite too, and the cover on that booklet is exquisite!



Yum Holly -- I've always loved that pretty blue. You're so lucky to be so close to Magnolia -- I love their cupcakes!


Oh gosh, that bird and crown andthe scrolly bits on the word fabric are lovely!


nice blog ,nice cakes too i love eating chocklet and butter scouch.

Marlene Foley

I love all the fabrics-I made the Baby Girl Alphabet quilt and would love to find the Baby Boy Alphabet panel-Do you know any place that may still have it?


I am DYING over the birds!!! DY-ING.


Love the blue, but also want to know about the bird and the text and the crown!

Lisa Leimone

All I can say is WOW...W O W!!!! Your sales booklet is WOW, BEAUTIFUL!!


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I love the cover of your sales booklet.
The cakes look so good.

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