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October 15, 2009


clare's craftroom

Oh it all looks and sounds so good , sigh !

happy zombie

Every market I can't wait to see your booth. And again you delivered (NO SURPRISE). I gasped when Pam showed pics of the new Dolly Dresses. GASPED. Soooo beautiful, Holly!


The booth was YUMMY and OHMYHGOSH I love the Doll Dresses (that you made for me.) Did I mention that?


What is the name of the pattern of the quilt behind the 4 ladies in this photo? And is it currently for sale with you?
Thank you!


The quilt in the BG is called Whirlwind, it is one of a 3 part series that I did with the new Teatime Floral 3 fabrics.
We will not be publishing a pattern for this, but we will make an inspiration sheet available to you online, with enough key info to make the quilt. (It's easier than it looks!) We'll have it in the new project pages in January, SIP. I'll announce it when it's in place.

thanks for your interest in it,


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