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October 16, 2009


anne d

Your booth looks gorgeous. I love it all.I wish I could have seen it. Sorry to hear about your flight.Just think from now on any turbulence will feel like nothing!


Crazy about the flight. The weather seems good now, very pleasant and warm, but not too warm. Hope you're having fun.

And did I mention, I LOVE THOSE DOLL DRESSES. Holy cow.I'm losing my ....

Erica K

I'm going to have to make sure I renew my McCall's subscription! ;) Love that quilt!


Everything looks so wonderful! I can't wait for the McCall's issue either.


P.S. - Please come over to enter our 2nd Annual Halloween Contest/Giveaway - better hurry!


Just to let you know, I love the material that I bought from your line. I have not been able to cut it until now, and that is over a year later! It's great material. I like the feel of it. Whoever manufactures your cloth and designs does a great job for you, and for us. I want to buy a bit more from your line to finish the project. I cannot mix anyone else's with it. I can't believe it, but, when you've got such good stuff, why mix what I would find from a Super-store's fabric department with it? The new line you have works with last years too beautifully. You just broke my piggybank in two! LOL!!!

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