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December 09, 2009


Penny Sturges

Well of course I love all of the blocks, but #6 stole my heart with the poodle skirt!


First of all, I love the rick rack frame for the dresses. It really sets them off. Even though green is not my favorite color, #3 is my favorite of these little dresses. I love the trim used on the skirt. It adds such lovely texture. My second favorite is #9. The little balls on that trim are adorable.


I love #7 with the tulle, because it is something my little girl would love to wear in real life.

Kathryn Laposata

Every wardrobe can benefit from a little embellishment to take it from very nice to WOW! I'd like to hire Gina come to my closet and do something similar to make my clothes POP. Lucky you for having her as a guest designer.


I love them all but number 2 looks so much like a dress I had as a child. My grandmother made most of my clothes and liked to put patterns and fabrics together. And, is that a crocheted purse? She also loved to crochet so I had many handmade accessories. I can't wait for spring when this panel is available!

Gina halladay

Thanks holly for covering me and Publishing my post! We had fun making this quilt and spend days quilting it. Ginger used a trapunto technique to add fluff to make those dresses fly!

Nancy Bird

12 pretty doll dresses
12 pretty blocks.
Which is my favorite?
They're all pretty frocks!

They're all so cute
with ruffles, trims, and tulle
I can't pick just one;
it's hard,they all rule!

Each one is cuter
than the one before.
But When I get to the last one,
all twelve I adore!

So I'll leave it at that,
I can't pick just one.
I love them all -
they're all so much fun!

I can't wait for the fabric
to get to the store,
I'll be buying it up,
making my own, and more!

But if you pick me
I can start right away -
Please pick my name
so I can play!

Diana B.

I'm fairly new to quilting, and stumbled upon your blog. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that quilting could be so much fun! These dresses are to die for! Each one is just as adorable as the last! I have always loved scrapbooking with embelishements, but I didn't realized you could use such cute things on a quilt! I love the purse in #2. But I think #5 is my favorite. That tutu is SO cute! It is the same colors as my girl's bedroom. I had no idea quilting could be so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jere'e @ Quilted Quickies

Adorable!!! Great work. The trapunto technique is fabulous! Number 2 & 7 are my favorite...but all so very cute! Hope to see you soon at a show Gina!

Marianne C

I love the whole thing but the poodle skirt one is toooooo cute and my fav!

Miss Jean

I love number three - the pink and green one but I bet you love the one with the poodle skirt!

Mary Ann

Ok, its hard not to be intimitdated by that cute little poem by Nancy Bird! But I do love the tutu block and can't wait to play with my dresses.


Red being my favorite color, I would have to pick the yellow dress with the red vest and the most adorable little pom poms!

It was a tough choice between this one and the red jacket with the teeny buttons, but the shade of dark, is it mustardy?, yellow that you've achieved in this collection, combined with the red, is just too delicious! And with the red ric rac on this block, just precious!

Vivian Love

I love #2...she looks like a shopper. A quilting shopper of course! Love the whole thing too. Great job, Gina and the girls and Holly too!

Vivian Love


i love the giant ric rac.. its sooo cute!!

Anett Redding

I love the last block in the lower right hand corner of the picture...it is so girly!


Leslie Schmidt

They are adorable! I like the poodle skirt on #6, with the sweet fabric of the skirt and the fuzzy trim on the jacket. Too cute! Now, if only I could fit into it!


They are too too cute!


Wow...these are just so darling! I can't decide which is my favorite...either the little white eyelet apron with red polka dot top or the poodle skirt...if I had to choose 'tho I'd say the poodle skirt wins...too darn cute. :)


Wow, how gorgeous, I love number 10, it reminds me of a dress that my mother made me when I was little girl with ric-rac and the apron, I especially love the graduating buttons.


That tutu is just adorable. What I love about your fabrics is that they appeal to both my little girls and me so well. They are sophisticated and girly all at the same time. And I love all the different types of prints you include... polka dots, gingham, and florals. So fun!

Gina Halladay

Hey There!
My post is finally up at www.quiltersbuzz.com.
Scroll to the end of the post to see all the photos. Thanks Holly for getting it up on your blog.

Carol Radcliffe

If I just look at #6 the movie "Grease" and all those wonderful songs from the 50's come into my head!!! Not to mention the fun, fun, fun!!! All are great but nothing brings more twinkle to the eye then that Poodle!!! With oodle of ideas!!!


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