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December 13, 2009



I am loving all the different dress quilts! Too cute. I am about to have my 3rd girl, and this is just tickling my fancy.

I did not have home ec at my school, and I learned to sew from my mom, who quickly banned me from the sewing machine for my bad temper. Then, when pregnant with my second, I decided I wanted to be a quilter. So I took a class. That's how I learned!


did you know you were the wizard of aaah's???

Holly Holderman

Re: [Holly Blog] rachel submitted a comment to My Favorite Things...195...PS Rachel Quilts

Your quilt came out adorable!

Great job!

So much fun seeing so many options.



I love the little dresses that you girls are doing. Wish I had a little girl to make one for but alas, none yet.
I love checking out your blog but don't get back often because of work and family "stuff". (I also have a hard time reading the blog because of the font color...old eyes and all) Keep up the wonderful posts...


Holly its hard to go wrong with SUCH DARLING FABRICS. I can't wait till it's all available.

Katie Trott

I do love the dresses! And I love that your home ec teacher inspired you to keep sewing :)
My mom was a home ec major in college and taught her three girls to sew. I never did take home ec, but now I wish I had. It sounds like fun!


Dear Dolly Lovers:
This is all right up my "alley"-- or should I say my "street"!
See some three-d dollies and their dresses at http://www.peonystreet.etsy.com or at
Yours Truely,

Bradie Sparrow

All these little dresses are sooooooo sweet! I am trying really hard to keep my focus on work, and now I see these pretty little things! Thanks for sharing! :)

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