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December 19, 2009



200, yay! Well the best reason for me winning the Dolly Dress Up panel is my niece. She will need it to cover up all her naked dollies. Why else? I can make it into a quilt to keep them warm or use each little dress panel to make individual quilts for each naked doll. We can't have these dolls go cold, so please pick me!!....


Well, I haven't had my nose and my chin done but I have been on a diet since I was 9... it didn't help... The reason I should win is that yesterday my daughter and I were on the way to see the Nutcracker Ballet, our first time, when she got sick and we had to go to the doctor instead of the Ballet. We spent the whole day at the medical center and my daughter cried most of the night. So we need it to cheer her up :) By the way she is all better now Dr. Schwartz is helping make the bug go away.

Kathryn Laposata

I feel that I should with the Dolly Dress Up panel so that I can relive my youth. As a child my mother subscribed to McCall's magazine. One of the features of each issue was a Betsy McCall paper doll with several outfits to cut out and dress her up. I absolutely loved to play with Betsy and her dresses. Even though I'm 58 years young, I'd still love to cut up those panels and have a ball.

Congratulations on Blog 200.


Happy 200 posts!!!


I would love to win since I have had 1 new granddaughter born 1 month and a day ago and another baby girl due in about 6 weeks. I NEED to re-learn how to play with dolls and little girly things to better play with my new granddaughters, the Good Lord willing and the knees hold out!


NO nO No WAIT......Well, I deserve the last brownie because........
I only ever get to sneak a peak at the dolly aisles in the toys shops to loud moans of MUMMMMM!, I am never allowed to buy anything pink- Cause that will have girl germs......I can only threaten to buy a barbie as punishment............ boys clothes can be really yucky sometimes.......... I never get to "do" hair..............my 3 sons hold their nose when they come into my work space because it has flowers and fabrics and ribbons... and I have been following your dolly dress ups for a few months and Im really intrigued about all Ive seen and would really really like to try.. Thanks so listening to my whine! Merry Christmas from a mother of 3 sons and aunt to 4 boys and the only girl with 3 brothers!


I have THREE girlie girls. I'm not a very girlie girl and they all are, so they really NEED these panels, lol.

Bari Moore

Well.... truth be known... I don't deserve ANYTHING! hahaha.... but I REALLY WANT the dolly dress panels! Me, myself and I... the triplets... would love to do something girly... and dream about having granddaughters someday.... I have three wonderful boys... and I don't see a lot of pink around here... that's why I have stashes of Lakehouse stuff waiting for a season for me to get to lose myself in quilting again! :o) I'm still missing the cuppy cake fabric! Loved the pink and black! Merry Christmas Holly! Love your stuff! Your blog! Your sense of humor! I get excited whenever I see a post! Thanks for all the freebie patterns, also! You are a blessing! :O) Bari Jo


Why me....you ask? Because I don't have any grandchildren yet...and maybe if I just make a gorgeous quilt with the dolly dress panels then one of the girls will want it so badly they will start a family. No better reason to start a family, than to assure yourself of the best quilts!!! Plus the MEMORIES I cherish of making paper doll clothes as a little girl could be renewed in the process. I am getting so excited just hoping that this one will be ME! Thank you for all the time you put into your art...it does not go unnoticed. Kristy in Ohio

Cathy McMann

I need the panel to make a quilt/wall hanging for my sewing room. I have always loved dolls, but my own daughter was not bit by the doll bug. So I can't secretly play with her dolls; must supply my own fun. I think a wall hanging made from your panel will help bring dolls back into my world.


I would LOVE to have the Dolly Dress up Panels. I am hoping I will be lucky enough to have a granddaughter or two in the very near future. Both of my girls loved their dolls, took them everywhere and I remember them cutting up the Sears catalog using it for paper dolls. They would cut out clothes, glue the people onto cardboard and then dress their paper dolls. Begging is beneath me, but I could resort to that if necessary.

Rhonda Perez

I would like the dolly dress up panel so I can give it to my mom. She loves paper dolls and dolls in general. It would make a lovely birthday present.


growing up, i read a lot of books, so i knew that little girls are "suppose" to play with dolls--but when given a doll (at around 6 years old)--i had NO idea of what to do. i would just sit and look at it for a few minutes--and then throw it down to look for some books to read. i guess i wasn't very imaginative :-) now that i'm a mom with a little girl--who's also not very interested in dolls--i need to learn what to do with them--and what better way than with your beautiful dolly panels!

Laura Tawney

Well I love the movie Nottinghill and Hugh Grant of course. So I had to refresh my memory with the brownie story and you can view it here if you have forgotten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne1Mkqm3GDg so I can totally identify: I've lost 53.4 lbs and its Christmas time and I'm still trying to lose another 1.6 lbs and trying not to eat cookies and chocolate and I've also lost my boobies. Very sad about that!! Also loved Betsy paper dolls in the McCalls magazine and the dress fabric pulls at my heart so would totally love to win the fabric!!
Laura T

Mary on Lake Pulaski

There is no doubt that I totally deserve to have the dress panels BEFORE everyone else. And the reason is that I JUST found out that my VERY FIRST GRANDBABY due in MAY is a GIRL!! Well, if I din't get the panel until it comes out the regular route, I would no way have time to make the PERFECT quilt for my granddaughter when she arrives! Thank you in advance for agreeing with my logic and sending me the dress panels.


I'm quite sure I do not deserve this fabric, but I love it and maybe that's good enough reason for me to win. :)


yayyy to 200 posts!!!

Martha Leonard

My comment has nothing to do with doll clothes but I am desperately looking for the teacup print faric featured in the Feb 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I cannot find it on the lakehousedrygoods.com website. Please tell me where I can find it. I only need a small amount.


I'm sure I'm too late to win the panels, but I've ordered it from a re-seller and I'd like to know when it will become available? I think it's adorable. I'm going to make a quilt for my 25-year-old little girl.

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