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May 20, 2010



Have fun at market...love thes prints...this is going to be one amazing line of fabric...have ideas already!


Beautiful! Love the colors...and the eiffel tower :)


Oh My Gosh! I've gotta get my hands on some of this fabric! I'm not a quilter (yet!), so when I look at it I see some wonderful little summer dresses for my baby and little girl out of a combination of yummy pieces from this line. Little dresses out of this would be great to wear to an impromptu tea party picnic...inspired, of course, by the dresses themselves :) I wish I WAS a quilter so I could make a quilt out of it to have our picnic on...with tea cozies and cloth napkins from the fabrics (at least I can make THOSE)! One look at this got my creative juices flowing in many directions. Thank you for creating something so beautiful and inspiring!!!

I made a baby gown and bonnet out of another line of yours a while back and loved working with your fabrics. Great quality!

Will you be able to list stores that will be carrying this line soon? (If not, there's always google, of course.)

Sorry to write so much, but just seeing this made me so excited!

I absolutely LOVE it!

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