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June 11, 2010



Hi Holly! It's Leslie...I'm SO EXCITED..I'm a big fan of your fabrics :) And it's my first time ever to win a prize!!! Here's my email - [email protected] don't see another way to contact you, so hope this is okay.THANKS!!

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This is my first visit here and I was amazed...wow! you really did a good job...I will follow your every post...

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wow an excellent job you got.....I just love the fabrics you got..


where can I purchase the flower fabric used in the Daisy Basket Mini Tote?


Hi Holly ... I am a big fan from Australia. One of my first quilts that I ever finished was made from your Hydrangea range.

I was wondering if you could help me. I am very keen to buy your fabrics, and wondering if they were available in charm packs? I am currently studying, and can't afford to buy much fabric but would love to be able to continue to use your beautiful designs!

Looking forward to a (hopefully positive) response, and with many thanks, Kim :-)


Hi,just thought id stop by & let you know how much i love your gorgeous fabric designs. I have just stocked up on your gorgeous Fun Flowers in white in my online store. We have just come into Spring and these are just the job. We love all your designs.

Kindest regards
I Just Love That Fabric

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Hello there :) I just love your quilt's design and the pattern is simple but beautiful. I like the flowers in it.

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I love the design of this quilt, love the colors, they're so vibrant. Very beautifully done. Great work :)


My mother is a wonderful quilter. She is looking for ANY PIECES of Lakehouse BLUE Hydrangeas LH03007. Ivory background, Blue (not red) berries. At 87 she is not online - but I have been searching & would love to surprise her with this special fabric. (Did I mention she is a beautiful person and the best mother in the world?) I can be contacted at [email protected]

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