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December 13, 2010



Well I don't need to win a think to send my love and get well wishes to my friend Velda!! xo


My mother in law fought caner and beat it. Best wishes that Velda does the same! I'm saying a prayer for her right now:>)


Dear Velda-- I hope your treatment and recovery go swiftly and you can soon be doing all the things you like to do with the people you love most!


I remember meeting Velda at Quilt Market...wishing you a speedy return to health, Velda!

Mary W

I have met Velda at Tammy's shop. Wishes for a speedy recovery.


Get well soon, Velda - I hope whatever treatment is in your future does the trick, and in times ahead you can look back and see cancer as only a blip on your pathway.


Velda: I have just prayed for you; for strength today, and that you won't feel worried, and that God will grant you many, many more years to hang out with your daughter and friends. Stay warm, stay inside, let other people go to germy places for you, hibernate--then you'll be perfectly ready to go play in the Spring!


I lost both my mother and aunt to cancer 15 years ago. My mother-in-law is a cancer survivor. I wish you the best of luck in your fight Velda. You'll be in my prayers.

Tammy Tadd

Hey Holly and everyone! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughts and prayers for my mom. I am going to call her and read every comment to her. You have made my day today! Made me cry, but hey, whats a few tears between friends right! God has been so faithful to see my mom and my family through this tough year. She is a little "down" right now because of the holidays but I know she will feel much love from all of your messages to her. Thanks again to all of you, and to you Holly, that was a memorable trip for her and we talk about it still! God Bless you and Merry Christmas everyone!


Velda - I am so sorry that you are having to deal with cancer - but praising God that you are HIs child and nothing that comes across our paths surprises God. What a witness, testament and Praise to our Lord God you and your daughter Tammy have been through out this. I have followed you on Tammy's blog! Praying for a complete recovery and a peace that surpasses all human understanding for you and your family this holiday season!


Best wishes to you Velda, for a speedy and easy recovery. It sounds like you have a wonderful group of supportive family and friends, so go forth and Get Well Soon!


Velda, if nothing more than this I wish you a good day today with courage to face whatever comes and laughter to keep your spirits up. You look like such a fun lady that I pray for all the best.

Jayne S

Velda, I've followed your journey on Tammy's blog. Prayers for a speed recovery.

Nancy B from Many LA


Wrap yourself in a quilt, and know that God is wrapping His arms around you just like that, except all the time. Take good care of yourself, and laugh often and deeply.


Dearest Velda, I too have checked in on you on Tammy's blog and know that you are certainly loved and appreciated! I send you warm wishes for the holidays and prayers for your health and well being! Love, Pam


Velda, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Maybe a warm pink and green quilt can add a little extra cheer. My thoughts are with you.


Velda, I wish you a good and speedy recovery and lots of love and warmth around you. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Take care.

quilty chick

With all best wishes to Velda-Been there so I have some idea of how it can feels-Sending hugs and love your way-marietta

Sandy A

Wishing you the best with your battle. Will be praying that we hear of many more adventures from you and your friends.
Hugs & prayers for you all.

Sheila Galindo

Good luck with your battle. You seem like a strong lady, you can beat this nasty disease.

Vickie Streich

Prayers for a complete recovery! May each comment here bring you a source of strength.


Get well Velda! My prayers go to you and your family, for courage in the fight.


Your colorful accessories are adorable. Love the pop.


I wish you all the strength you need to beat the cancer and get well. Think positive!

Annette Crain

Dear Velda,
God Bless You. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around you and lift you up at this time. I have a cousin dealing with liver cancer, and she has really been an inspiration to our entire family!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


May you spend this Christmas holiday celebrating with the ones you love most, and may you be strengthened in the year to come.

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