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December 22, 2010



I Love Love Love your fun flower lines! All the colorways. I keep telling myself that after Christmas I'll indulge myself and spend the money for the bundles! (with kids, I always buy and make for them first!)

I just finished up a quilt for my son, and need to start one for my stepdaughter! So far I've made her about a dozen bags...but no quilt.

Maybe, eventually, I'll make one for me! (Just this year I've made for my sisters, Mom, two brothers, father, MIL, FIL, son, and husband!)

--Visiting from Jolly Jabber - reading your blog. HI!


It sounds like you have lots of exciting adventures ahead. Marin County is gorgeous (I lived in NoCal for three years and miss it greatly).

I'm currently in cold Michigan, finishing up several quilts -- some are gifts for friends & family (my sister's wedding quilt is on the horizon, I need to get on that!) and some are donation quilts. Over the past few years, I've been increasing the number of quilts I donate to people in need -- and in need for many reasons but the important thing is that a quilt can brighten up the day.

I'm new to your blog, but enjoying exploring all your posts. Happy holidays and happy travels!


Once you move West, you may want to keep going further West & then you'll end up in Hawaii! You never know when you might need a friend, especially a fabric-addict friend, in Hawaii! The sun is out & it's a beautiful day!


I love your fabrics so much. I made my first "give away" quilt for my daughter from your cherry baby line. I smile every time I see that quilt on her bed. I would love to receive a box of your wonderful fabrics. I would love to make quilts for my sweet nieces whose father was killed tragically only a few weeks ago. They are 8 and 1. I live overseas and am unable to be with them as often as I'd like and would love to be able to give them a hug in the form of a lovely quilt made from your precious creations. Thanks for considering me.

Sandie ~call me crazy

I just found you too! And you are moving!~ I know a little about moving, having moved 13 times in the last 30 yrs, following DH's career. It's hard to part with your stash, but so worth doing when you get to the other end and have to unpack! We've retired now, so your lovely fabrics would find a stable home with me. ;-) Thank you for the fun!


I am so jealous of your move to CA! I fell in love with it there and would move in a heartbeat if I could!
As for the stash giveway... I could use some of your stash because my current fabric budget has gone to helping my sister. She has found herself in a time of great need. My husband and I have moved her in with us. She is also expecting and that is where my budget has gone. Helping her get the care and supplies she is going to need.
Merry Christmas to you and good luck with your move!


I found my way here from FQS too! Lovely blog. Recently I've been making lots of prayer quilts for friends & church members with cancer. Also, my teenage daughter is going to be hospitalized in January & I would like to make some small quilts & treats (fabric crowns? I think they would love those!) for the kiddos who will be there with her. Your fabrics would help out a bunch with that!


I love your fabrics and would be very nice to them. They would have their own special place in my quilting room. I have been making quilts for the Downey project for kids and some of your fabric would end up in those quilts. Merry Christmas. Enjoy this next step in your life.

Rachel B

Hi Holly!:) How exciting to hear of your plans to move west, and how generous of you to share your stash!

I recently made a transition of my own, as I left the hustle and bustle of my little house in the city and moved in with my fiance on his beautiful, but far more secluded, farm.

Having just graduated from college, my income is rather regrettable, but I do work full-time at a junior high school which allows me to at least support part of our expenses. I’m just beginning to learn how to quilt (I’m 24 and my mother and grandmother couldn’t work a needle, though, of course, I love them just the same). I’m hoping to be able to use it to one day contribute to our household, as my fiance and I are trying to stay afloat as we plan a wedding, start a home, and build a family.

Needless to say, every scrap of fabric is used to the last thread, and any extra would be more than appreciated!


Happy Holidays Holly! I love your fabric lines and try to add them to my stash whenever possible. Thank you for the opportunity to per chance share some of your de stash. I have been a widow for nine years and a single mother of two. I work full time as an outside sales rep and have been trying to live the Pay it forward attitude each day of my life. I donate several times a year quilts to hospice and to Project Linus. I have been working on two special quilts that are made from donated orphan blocks(one quilt is for my sister who has cancer, and the other for my friend who has ALS)Life is such a special gift and after losing several people that I loved to illnesses I try not to let a day go by without trying to do one nice thing for someone. I would truly treasure (and appreciate) receiving a part of your destash and would put it to good use. Thank you again for the chance to win!


There is definitely always room for some pretty fabric at my house! Whether the pieces are large or small it seems like I can always find a project that needs to be done with them.

Debbie  St.Germain

Well, I thought I had a stash, then I went to gather colors for next years christmas quilts, and realized I need more fabric, lol. I also want to do charity quilts this year, so fun stash that I can use for kids or quilts for the elderly would be wonderful.


Elizabeth McMahon

Hmm, why should I have more fabric and more importantly why should I have more of your fabric? Perhaps because I love fabric, adore fabric and desire fabric..? It's true, really! Anyway, here in my tiny rural village in southern Australia we have a new group of quilters forming in February (after our summer holiday) and we will pick a person every month or two who needs a little love and a hug and we'll make them a quilt. Now we are all quite happy to use our own fabric but of course some extra glorious, tactile, sunny, bright, awesome fabric from somewhere else would be a bonus..
Thanks for the chance and thanks for your generosity, good luck with the move, glad it's you and not me this time. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy 2011...


Thanks for the chance at sharing some of your stash.
If I were lucky enough to be chosen, you're stash would end up in baby quilts being donated to a local hospital. I belong to a craft group that is working on making quilts, afghans, hats & booties for newborns. We've already dropped off one batch & are now working on the next. Our contact at the hospital said that they had actually had to send newborns home the day before with no blanket, no hat. And we live in NWPA; it is cold here. So, we could certainly find a good use for your destashing efforts :)


You are going to LOVE Marin County. I used to live in CA - north and south parts but I've moved on to a place with seasons. I would LOVE some of your stash and certainly would put it to good use, let's see - charity quilts, baby quilts, cluth bags, flower rosettes, aprons. It would get used and while it was waiting its turn it would have lots of lovely company. :D

Liz Taylor

Hi Holly! I probably have no chance of winning, but I have to try anyway!

I am 28 and just started quilting in February. I took a class at my local quilt shop (and yes, I was the youngest person there) to learn the basics and I've just built from there. There are so many tutorials, books and other resources that have taught me how to bind, free-motion quilt and do other techniques on my own.

Since I've started I've made 8 quilts and I have plans for many more. Including a new twin-size quilt for my daughter out of your fabrics. I went into my local quilt shop a few months ago for some notions and was floored when I saw a display featuring your Dolly Dresses line. I've thought about it nearly everyday since. As soon as the rush of Christmas is over I plan on ordering the fabrics and making her a new quilt for her new big girl bed.

My grandmother was a quilter. I always admired it and knew I would learn someday. She's been gone for 10 years now, but I'm really glad that this was the year that I decided to start working on it and make it a part of my life. I feel like I've finally found my niche in life. It's something I'm really good at, it helps me connect with my ancestry, and I love doing it. It doesn't get much better than that.


I love, love, love, your fabric. Since I have 3 girls it tugs at my heart and makes it easier (less brain power on my part) to make them things for them and quilts. I am relatively new to the quilting world (1 yr) and have enjoyed the journey.


I love your blog and your fabric, they just seem to be filled with so much joy! I would love to receive some of your fabrics, but after reading some of the other comments I think there are people much more deserving than me! I am blessed to have a loving family, 2 gorgeous kids (who drive me insane at times but I love to bit anyway!), and we are spending Christmas with my parents - woohoo!

Sheryl Walker

Holly, I love your fabrics and would appreciate winning any of them. I'm retired now and could use a little help with the expense of my charity quilting for Project Linus. Since 2002 I've handmade 167 quilts for Project Linus. I love taking them to the Pediatrics Hospital where I volunteer. They add color and cheerfulness to the children's rooms and give them something to think about and talk about other than their pain--not to mention being warm and snuggly! I like to make each quilt with a theme and do a lot of hand applique to add the images that children love--animals, sports, tropical fish, astronauts, etc. (You can see pictures of my quilts on my blog.) I want to continue to do this work as long as my body lets me, so I'd so appreciate some of your beautiful fabric to help me. Thanks for your consideration, Holly!


I am new-ish to quilting, and absolutly new to designer fabrics. The first I ever bought was your fabric seberal months ago, a yard each of three colorways of bunnies (from doll dresses? I never actually knew, i saw it on a blog and needed it, the blog owner told me it was yours and i sought it out!). Since then, I have slowly collected a bit more, but dont really have the money to buy much. Unfortunatly, everything I have bought has beeen very project oriented, so I dont really have a stash of "good" fabric right now. I would love to begin building with your fabric, which introduced me to a whole new world of fabrics!

Happy holidays and best of luck with your move!


Gidday Holly, I'm Janet and I'm zinging through cyberspace from Australia. I'd say "sunny Australia" but I live in a country area in the mountains and it is wet and coolish - perfect for making quilts !! And for having a hot Christmas lunch tomorrow. A group of friends and I (4 of us)have a connection to a Zambian school and have been making quilts for some of the kids who have never had anything of their own (let alone anything warm). We have made 32 tops since October and are aiming for 68 finished quilts by March when a container is going over. As you would appreciate, any donations of fabric would be appreciated, especially from a range as beautiful as yours. I wish you luck with your move (remember it is ok to cry on the day all the boxes are delivered). Thank you again for your generous offer and Have a terrific Christmas and New Year.


Sunny & warm weather here you come! California is so beautiful - enjoy your move!

Moving is both exciting & exhausting. I am just in the midst of unpacking into our first home & just in time for Christmas! I feel very blessed to be hosting Christmas for family & friends this year, despite all the clutter of half-unpacked boxes.

I would love to adopt some of your fabrics. We are in need of pillows & quilts to spruce up our little home. Your pretty fabrics would be quite the housewarming :)

Bec Clarke

Oh you have a lovely blog, Kimberly always has great guest bloggers.
I have been busy with Christmas gift quilting also. I made a lovely quilt for a wonderful girl who helped me with my children this past football season and a dress for her sister and am almost finished a couple of embroidered pencil cases for their twin brothers.
Merry Christmas. That is a gorgeous family photo.


Hmm - I have been in LA now since Sunday - by the way the best (2 hours of fun) drive and the worst drive (2.5 hours in awful rain, wind and accidents) of my life, lol. I grew up in LA but now live in Vegas. There are parts of CA you will love, but the traffic and congestion will be a lot to get used to. (Went to school in No. CA).
My Xmas this year- hung 50+ individual mini stockings at work for people in my dept - they all help me and it was Xmas. I used to just do the dept I was in - 12 of us. But last year I expanded to around 35...and am so glad I did. We lost our "resident guru" this summer and I can now remember how excited he was to have a stocking and how he would not open his present ( I love Dollar store!) until it was near Christmas.
So this year I expanded to pick up another part of the dept. I guess next year I will have to expand to another.
Then I drove to LA to spend a week making Xmas cookies with my youngest relatives - 10 year old nephew, 6 yo niece, 3 yo nephew. Peanut Butter Kisses cookies are great to make with them! And we made 6 other types. In between making Xmas presents for family...so that was my vacation/Christmas...I am looking forward to returning home to see what the rain did to my home.
I would love fabric to make more stockings for work - I am thinking of more of a crazy quilt approach so scraps would be wonderful too!
By the way - I do all of this because I enjoy it and think its important to pass on home made gifts and baking. Now is the time to plant such thoughts into children's heads, right? So next summer my niece and oldest nephew will be making a quilt! So I could use fabric for those too!


Holly, hands down, this is the perfect future home for any of your poor homeless fabric. We love fabric, there are special shelves made just for fabric to get to know each other, until the time they are ready to be made into a beautiful quilt. They will be treated with love and caring while the quilt process happens. As with all of my quilts, I will fall in love a little more each day. At the finish the beautiful quilt will find a loving home. What more could you ask?

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