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May 20, 2011


Nadine Woodraska

You guys did fantastic!! So glad I was able to hang with you for a bit.


Great photos and although tired looks like you had a great time.


gotta love PKM!!!!!! cant wait to get some of her fabric!!!!


So glad you got together with PKM to design this great line of fabric. I absolutely LOVE IT!


Hi Holly!

I have recently discovered your fabrics and am in love! I manufacture children's clothing and am in 2 showrooms...interested in finding out more about your fabrics. Can you please shoot me an email so we can chat? I haven't been able to find your contact info elsewhere, thus the blog comment. Thanks!


Holly, I am slightly obsessed with your prints! I went crazy for dolly dresses, gaga for penelope (I had almost the whole collection), am just about to get Annie's farm stand and I am dying to get my hands on some pam kitty. Lots and lots of love and adoration all the way from a fabric mad woman in Sunny Australia xxLL


oh my gosh SO cute!!


Love the fabrics! I would love to carry more in my shop. Is there a way to get a direct account?

Ulla's Quilt World

Thank you for your lovely blog! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

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Considering learning more about your materials. Can you please take me an e-mail so we can chat? I haven't been able to find

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Holly, eu sou um pouco obcecado com suas impressões! Eu fui louca por vestidos de boneca, gaga de penelope (eu tinha quase a coleção inteira), estou prestes a obter posição de Annie fazenda e estou morrendo de vontade de colocar minhas mãos em algum gatinho pam. Lotes e lotes de amor e adoração por todo o caminho de uma mulher louca tecido

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