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June 22, 2012


Billie K

I like aqua like ocean water.


Thanks for the generous giveaway! Can't wait to see who wins!


I love red; it reminds me of the Buddist temple we visited in Hawaii.


i love any color as long as it's red.
{and not at all orange-y.}
christmas, christmas, christmas!
my favorite time of year.

Jamie Lee

My favorite color is the purplish blue color the airports use in the runway lights. I guess you would call it Tanzanite. I'm not sure why I like it, but I do!


Yellow...anything yellow!


I love the color of the sky on a clear, dry day. I just love that sky blue. I'm not sure why I like it. It just seems to hold the promise of a lovely day.

Lisa Marie

My favorite is yellow and I associate it with any place with bright sunshine.

Val Laird

Oh, it's difficult to choose just one! I am very fond of blue - it's what my mother used to dress me in when I was a child. I am with you on the periwinkle side of the colour - love it! And I just LOVE the new Penelope range - just gorgeous!


I came over from Shabby Fabrics! Love the bundles. My favorite color was blue when I was a little girl because I loved the blue hydrangeas by our back porch. Now I love purple a lot.

Dianne Mitzel

Visiting from Shabby Fabrics, my favorite color is blue, aqua, like the sea...and I also love purple..

Karen ~ Briarside Lane

Shabby Fabrics fan here...
Since moving to the desert southwest, my favorite color is green. Lots of brown here. I used to be more of a blue person living on the east coast. We did paint the patio ceiling blue here. You know... to keep the haints away. ;-)
Thanks for the wonderful give-away!

Terry Conner

All colors. But periwinkle was one color in my crayon box that I grouped with sea green, carnation pink, and salmon to color new dresses for cut out dolls.


What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance.


I agree the Periwinkle Blue is so nice. Your new fabric is so soft and pretty. I love red fabrics and the reds in your Penelope fabrics is lovely.


I love blue - any shade of blue! Blue is such a calming, peaceful color. I enjoy watching the display of blue in the sky - bright and soft with fluffy white clouds to dark and serene with brilliant sparkling stars,


I'm kind of a lime green fan. But then there's orange and red. Oh, and purple. I guess I just love color!


Hi Holly! I'm here from Shabby Fabric and I gotta tell ya, I adore all the Lakehouse fabrics and Penelope is no exception! My favorite color is all shades and hues of purple. I don't know where I first saw it, I just know that it has been my favorite since I was a very little girl and that is very long time ago, LOL. Thanks so much for a chance in this super giveaway. Hugs...


I love any shade of pink or purple. Love the new line of fabric!

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Oo la la,que grande dádiva!Minha cor é o azul,lembro de uma boneca vestida de azul que ganhei quando tinha 5 anos de idade,faz teeeeempo.Obrigada.

Jennifer Gail

Pine Green I first saw it in a box of crayons.


The soft romantic oink reminds me of the rose soap packaging from Evelyn and Ives. Thank you for the chance.

Viv Stock

It's so hard to pick a favorite color. It was always yellow, but lately red calls my name, but then I like blue and white.....oh this is too hard. I love this fabric line.

Pam C

I don't have a favorite color-but a few that I really like. Salmon, green, pink, and coral are at the top of the list.


I love pink, all shades but especially the color of roses. I love roses!

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