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June 22, 2012


Joan Moore

My favorite colour is red. I love red in quilts. Beautiful fabric line!

Pam in KC

I love a deep blue -- like a dark sapphire blue.


I love the marine blue color of the ocean. The feeling of freedom and peace in the water is an emotional "go to" place for me.

Barbara G

I love color - all colors! If I was restricted to one color for the rest of my life I'd mourn the loss of the others but I'd have to have green. It is so peaceful...


My favorite color is aqua, the shade of tropical water. Love your cheerful colors and prints.

Lynda H

I am a definite orange fan - I think because it is the color I wear best.

Sandy A in St. Louis

I love pinks and blues. I had a pink room growing up, and when I was little my brother had a blue stuffed dog (a poodle!) named FiFi Dog that I carried everywhere. We found FiFi one day and now she stays at my brother's house.

hanks for the chance to win!

Robin Lemke

My favorite color is a deep rich brown, but I'm trying to branch out and add lighter colors to my decorating and wardrobe. :)

Sue Goodin

love the fabrics... and I love most all colors

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I love reds, I'm not sure when I started loving it, but have for a long, long time. Maybe it was Grandma's flowers. Thanks for the chance!

Ruth B

Robins egg blue....especially when it is on real robins eggs!


Yellow yellow is the happy colour for me.

Jeanne Shakespeare

My favorite color is pink, all varieties. Your fabrics bring warmth and smiles. Shabby fabrics has introduced me to your work. Beautiful.

May Britt

My favorite colour is RED. Do not know why I love red so much, probably because there is such a warm colour.


My fav colour is indigo blue. Thanks for the great giveaway.


My favourite color is definetly Green! In all hues. But I'm very fond of red too.


my favorite color of all times is blue, all kinds of shades. black is also a favorite but blue is more suitable for a quilt I think :-)


on a side not Holly, how can I follow your blog??? I can't seem to find a 'follow' button... groeten, Francis


I love pink :)
Sweet and lovely color ;)


A deep rich red is what always gets my attention. Thank you for a great give away!


I just love all colors, because all colors have their own quality.


I am not really sure what to call my favorite color but it is blue...the color the sky is when a "high" comes in (climate speak!) and the sky is an extraordinary deep, rich blue. I remember the first time I noticed that color was when we lived in Kansas when I was about 8 years old. Whenever I see that color I refer to it as "the color of the sky in Kansas"!


I lived in Europe for ten years and always found the doors among other things to be gorgeous. The blue door is pretty. When it comes to flowers my color choice are the pinks, reds, violets.


Green has always been my favorite color. I associate it most with the outdoors and different shades in Mother nature.

Mary Willis

BLUE. My Dad had the most beautiful blue eyes. My son, Sean, has them too. The fabric is beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. Mary

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