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July 25, 2012



That cat is so cute! I can't get over how wonderful that quilt is, and can't wait to get started on my little runner!


Holly, I love love love your fabrics. I am inspired by all of your great designs.
I have started a Hydrangea/raspberry quilt and I have run out of your cream pearlized fabric that goes with the line. Do you know where I could purchase some more. I only need about 1/2 yard. It will make the difference between a lap size quilt and a bed quilt that I REALLY want to make.


I just saw PKM's block on her blog--love it! The quilt is beautiful. I'm working on an applique quilt now but am already starting to hyperventilate at the thought of doing that basket quilt with some Pam Kitty Love fabric. Be still my heart.

Your cat is adorable! Reminds me of one of our kitties, Trouble, who waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Judy Blinkenberg

I want to say Thank You for drawing my name. You have brought joy to this lady. I have never bouught a kit before but this basket quilt has really caught my eye. It is lovely and the colors crisp and sweet. Thank you for today is a day of joy!

Terry Conner

I just love those black eyes. The chin is adorable. My calico cat had a chin like that. That is the first cat with a black chin that I have seen since my cat passed away. Thanks for sharing.


Awwww, Milo looks cute as can be. Love that Penelope fabric -- the colors and prints are wonderful!


Such a pretty kitty! Lakehouse fabric ROCKS!! My thanks to you and Pam Kitty Morning for your lovely designs and inspirations.

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Holly, I am a fabric shop and wish to carry Lakehouse fabrics, but can not locate a phone number for ordering. There is no contact information on the website that I could find. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

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